Cowboys and Austin Talking Long Term

According to several sources the Dallas Cowboys and restricted free agent Miles Austin are negotiating a long-term contract.

Free agency deadline is today at 3:00 p.m. and Austin has yet to sign his $1.54 million tender.

Wide recievers Austin and Sam Hurd are the only free agents left to make a decision. Hurd is expected to sign the tender possibly Monday while Austin may be holding out for a contract agreement.

Austin visited New York and the Jets, however the Jets decided against pitching an offer. They weren’t ready to give up a second round pick for the 24-year old undrafted player.

Free Agency Deadline Is Today

This is it people. Today we finally retain Miles Austin and Sam Hurd, unless they recieve an offer from another team.

Now, we can almost be certain that we will be entering the draft with 11 draft picks. 11 picks that we can use or trade. Exactly what we do with those 11 picks we will just have to wait and see.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Cowboys may even trade a player like Sam Hurd with a combination of picks to move up in the draft.

One thing is certain though, with free agency coming to an end it becomes much easier to forecast what the Cowboys will do in the draft.

How do you think the Cowboys should handle the draft?

Jets No Longer Pursuing Austin

The New York Daily News is reporting that the Jets are longer interested in Miles Austin.

The Jets’ courtship of Cowboys WR Miles Austin is “dead,” according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

So much for that flirtation.

Evidently, the Jets came to their senses, realizing it would’ve been crazy to part with a second-round pick — the compensation that would’ve been required to land Austin, a restricted free agent.

The restricted signing period lasts until Friday, but as of this moment, the Jets are out of the Austin sweepstakes — if you could call it a sweepstakes. The former Monmouth (N.J.) College star visited the Jets last Friday, fueling speculation that an offer sheet would be forthcoming. But he left without a deal, and he isn’t going to get one, at least not from the Jets.

Well, that’s fine by me, their loss. Now we can stop worrying about the wide receiver spot and get back to business.

No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by so-called experts have many of us feeling frustrated and insulted.

Opinions of how to reach the pinnacle of the NFL vary as much as the hundreds of mock drafts being put together by football minds all over the country.

I see debates on various sites about who’s to blame and what the answers are. T.O. should not have been released. Owens should have been released. Felix Jones should be the starter. Tashard Choice should be the starter. Marion Barber should be the starter. Romo’s not the answer. Romo is without a doubt the answer. Wade should be fired. Jerry should fire himself.

With the possibility of a Miles Austin exodus looming over our heads, I’m one very nervous Cowboys fan without any real answers.

Keep in mind these are just the surface issues. I could probably write a 5,000 word essay just dealing with the questions Cowboys fans have. With no real answers.

I’m compelled to believe we can all agree on one thing. The time for excuses is over.

No more riding on our laurels. No more talk about 13-3 or 13 Pro Bowlers. No more “But this team did this and that team did that”. Time to lay to rest 2007 and 2008. The only true way to move forward is to( as cliche as it may sound) put the past behind us and don’t look back. No more talk about 44-6.

The pressure on this team to succeed – from top to bottom – is more intense than at any time that I can remember. This season will answer many questions. It is a make-or-break year for this organization. The time is now for Mr. Jones, Mr Phillips, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Romo.

The time is now. No more excuses.

The Miles Austin Sweepstakes

The Miles Austin Sweepstakes is on and it looks like, because of the “poison pill” contract, he very well might become a New York Jet should they decide he is worth giving up their second round draft pick. (52nd overall) 

With Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd (who is yet to sign his restricted offer) battling for the number two spot, that leaves only converted quarterback Isiah Stanback as our “starting” calibre wide receivers. At this point, we are thinking seriously about getting some help at the receiver position. 

In free agency, veterans Marvin Harrison and Tori Holt are the big names who should be able to step into a system and contribute right away. How durable they are is the question. 

In the draft, no matter who you get, unless he is a freak of nature, a receiver will need a year or two to become a regular contributer. Most players, they say, are a make or break in their third year.
Below is a link that has a list of players available sorted by stars:
5 star = 1st round hopeful
4 star= second round hopeful
and so on… 
2009 NFL Draft Rankings
We should find out by the 17th whether we have Miles or not. A whole lot of decisions need to be made should he sign with another team.

Miles Austin and the Poison Pill

amd_miles.jpegBy now we’ve all heard that wide receiver Miles Austin is being wined and dined by the New York Jets who see Austin as the heir apparent to Laveraneus Coles.

The Cowboys gave Austin a $1.545 million tender offer that would require a team to give up a second-round pick as compensation if the Cowboys did not match. The restricted free-agent signing period ends on April 17. Four restricted free agents have signed offer sheets this off-season, but their teams matched the offers. If the Jets sign Austin, the Cowboys would have a week to match the offer. New York’s second-round selection is No. 52, one spot behind the Cowboys’ first pick of the draft.

Should the Jets sign Austin, the Cowboys will have a week to match or take the Jets’ No. 52 overall pick. The restricted free-agent signing period runs through April 17.

Austin is a New Jersey native and still makes his home there. The thought of playing for his hometown team must be tempting, especially when that team envisions you as their number one or two receiver.

However, there is another nuance to this story that goes by the name of the poison pill.

The Jets could make Austin a multi year offer which the Cowboys could match if they want to, BUT… the Jets could blindside the Cowboys by putting a clause in the contract that might force the Cowboys to back off.

The Jets could offer Austin a long-term deal that would become totally guaranteed if he plays more than five games in any season in the state of Texas. Ouch! Hence the name the poison pill.

If it sounds like dirty pool, it is. But the Jets have played this game before and it was how they got Curtis Martin from the New England Patriots back in the day. Martin went on to become the best running back in Jets history.

Austin is pending a second day with Jets today after being with them all day Thursday.

When you examine all the elements to this story, it leads me to believe that Miles Austin’s days with Cowboys may be numbered.

Cowboys Extra Points: Somewhere They Want You

Restricted free agent Miles Austin is set to visit the New York Jets on Friday. A source for the Cowboys claims the team won’t let Austin get away. “That’s not happening. We are going to do something.”

Austin’s take on the situation:

“I’m not even familiar with the process. I’m just taking it for what it is and trying to be as professional as I can.”

“This is where I started. There’s a connection to Dallas obviously. You also want to be somewhere they want you, and I think [the Cowboys] do.”

Get ready for a rockin’ show Cowboys fans! U2 is set to play at the Cowboys new stadium on October 12th. Tickets go on sale April 20th.


Buffalo Bills RB Marshawn Lynch was suspended for three games for violating the NFL conduct policy. Lynch was arrested in February and changed with a misdemeanor gun charge.

Forbes Magazine has released a list of best- and worst-drafting teams in the NFL. The New England Patriots were named worst on the list while the Houston Texans were ranked the best. The Cowboys were neither in the top 5 or the bottom 5.

Miles Austin to Visit New York Jets

While checking my morning Cowboys news links, I read on the Dallas Morning News that Miles Austin was scheduled to meet with the Jets this week.

According to sources, the New York Jets will meet with Austin, a restricted free agent, later this week.

The Cowboys gave Austin a tender worth $1.545 million, which would require a team to fork over a second-round pick if the Cowboys choose not to match an offer sheet. The Jets’ second rounder is No. 52 overall, one spot behind the Cowboys’ first pick of the upcoming draft.

The restricted free agent signing period ends April 17. If the Jets sign Austin the Cowboys would have a week to match.

After all the talk of Jerry Jones’ confidence in Austin, Jones had me and many others convinced he would be a Cowboy next season. This visit doesn’t mean he won’t be, I just didn’t want to wake up and read this.

Hopefully nothing will become of it. But if by chance we lose him, we will have to look at receivers in a whole new light. We’ve got nine days left until free agency ends, then of course there is the draft.

Right now, we have Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd (also a RFA) and Isaiah Stanback. Without Austin in that lineup, things start to look a lot different and not in a good way. Lets hope he comes back with no deal. Do you agree?

Cowboys Extra Points: SCORE, Parking and RFA’s

Restricted free agent Stephen Bowen signed his $1.545 million tender offer. The defensive end had 17 tackles last year and will play behind Igor Olshanksy and Jason Hatcher.

There are only two restricted free agents remaining. Wide receivers Sam Hurd and Miles Austin have not signed their tenders. Free Agency ends on April 17th.

Cowboys star tight end Jason Witten was recently honored with a $20,000 grant from NFC Charities. Witten’s foundation named S.C.O.R.E. Foundation works with shelters for battered families.

The Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers have come to an agreement regarding parking spaces. Cowboys fans will be allowed to park in the Rangers parking lots on gamedays. This should ensure that all fans will be able to park no further than a mile from the stadium. The Rangers will keep nearly 100% of the revenue from their lots.

Dates to remember:

A rookie minicamp is set for May 1-3, just a week after the 2010 NFL Draft (April 25-26).

Organized team activity days are set for May 19-21, 26-28, June 2-4 and 8-10.

A mandatory minicamp will be June 16-18.