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Preseason Schedule Finalized

The dates and times have been finalized for the 2010 Preseason. With five “meaningless” games before our run to 6 begins, lets hope and pray our boys stay healthy. Here’s the schedule: Aug. 8, 7 p.m. vs.

Friday’s Cowboy Notes

Here it is Friday, a couple days before game time. This is usually the time where Cowboys fans, or football fans in general begin to get that itch, to get that feeling as the excitement starts to

Cutting The Fat

With just mere hours until teams need to cut rosters to 53 for the season, Dallas and Wade Phillips will have some tough choices to make. I dont envy Phillips or any head coach this time of

Mixed Emotions: News Around the NFL

Micheal Vick conditionally reinstated, Plaxico Burress to testify, Antonio Peirce to be charge in Burress shooting case, Brett Favre stays retired, and the NFL loses a great defensive mind… Mike Vick the troubled superstar formerly of the

Final Thoughts on Steve McNair

The Nashville Police have officially ruled the death of NFL star Steve MvNair a murder-suicide. McNair was first shot in the right temple then 2 times in the chest, then one final shot to the left temple,

Michael Vick Officially Released By Atlanta

Today Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons have officially finalized the divorce with Michael Vick. Vick, if reinstated. will resume his NFL career with another club. There have been rumors of San Fransisco wanting Vick to join

Lions More Aggressive in '09?

The Detroit Lions…. the 0-16 Detroit Lions have come out with a new “more aggressive”  looking logo and lettering style. It seems they are trying anything to attract fans to a season even they know will most

WR Reggie Williams Arrested On Drug Charge

Why is it that its drugs seem to be all these players can find to do. I mean come on find a hobby other than drugs for off-season and I know this seems like a out of

Bears Acquire Jay Cutler

Well the Jay Cutler saga is over in Denver now as reported by the Bears and Broncos have both confirmed that Cutler was traded to Chicago. To acquire Cutler, the Bears had to give up quarterback Kyle