Cowboys – Falcons Notes

The Dallas Cowboys are slowly getting healthy. Early on this season we have seen our share of injuries for the Cowboys but none major and it is something every team deals with. I would love to say that all the bumps and bruises are healed and everyone is 100% for this weekends up coming game against the tough Atlanta Falcons but alas that is not the case. However it does appear Running Back Felix Jones will be back in the huddle after dealing with a sprained knee. It remains to be seen how much he will be given but it will be nice to see the youngster out there. He will be wearing a knee brace for the game and has practiced with it all week so he should be fine. Coach Phillips Said Jones “Looks Fast” during practice.

Jones running mate Marion Barber and his banged up Quad are improving each week and should be the Cowboys number one back this weekend even though he has a broken thumb. He will wear a brace on that thumb and the good thing is it is not his main ball carrying hand. This will be the first time in a few weeks the Boys will have all three of their backs healthy enough to play together with Tashard Choice picking up the slack.

Newly signed Allen Rossum will get his first action in a Cowboys uniform this weekend as he will return both kicks and punts on Sunday. The return game has been an adventure early on this season and the Cowboys are hoping Rossum can turn it around and give them a new weapon on special teams. ESPN is reporting that having Rossum as an active player puts the Cowboys in a tough situation for the 45 man roster because they will have too many bodies and not enough spots. Safety Mike Hamlin’s broken wrist is healthy enough for him to play on special teams but Coach Wade Phillips is not sure if he is going to activate him. Dallas will use five of their roster spots on special teamers Rossum, punter Mat McBriar, Kicker Nick Folk, L.P. Ladouceur, and David Buehler.

Wide Receiver Roy Williams says he will play but is listed as probable on the injury report. Coach Phillips said he is “concerned for Williams health” and has been playing with discomfort in practice this week due to his bruised ribs. If he is able to go he will be wearing some kind of padding on his boo boo ribs, but I expect to see Roy out there.

Outside Linebacker Demarcus Ware did all the necessary individual and team drills this week but did skip a few because of the stress fracture he is dealing with in his left foot. “We don’t want to overdue it with him,” coach Wade Phillips said. And last but not least we are all tired of the Patrick Crayton Miles Austin controversy. Both will play but Austin surely earned the spot of the number 2 receiver and Crayton will just have to stop whining about how Phillips may or may not have handled it. Wth the team getting stronger lets go out and “Earn” a big win against one of the NFC’s better teams.

A Great Beginning to Cowboys Stadium

It was a good night for the Dallas Cowboys for the most part as they beat the Tennessee Titans 30-10. The offense looked crisp as they mixed the run and the pass and controlled the clock. The Cowboys won the time of possession 40:57 to 19:03 and gained 466 yards of offense. They had three drives in which they held the ball more than five minutes and two of those three resulted in a touchdown. With that kind of ball control it allows the defense to stay fresh, which they were as they dominated the first half for the most part and did not allow a point in the second half. Total yards given up by the defense to the Titans was only 191 yards and they recorded one interception.

What continues to be a concern is special teams and penalties. Why so many missed tackles? It’s something that needs to be addressed as preseason continues on toward the first week of the season. With the penalties it just seems to be the same as the past few seasons. Against the Titans the Cowboys were penalized 13 times for 113 yards. Last week the Cowboys had 11 penalties for 109 yards against the Raiders. Hopefully it’s something they can get a hold of (no pun intended) and straighten out.

Some of the positive things from the game…

Romo being patient in the pocket and stepping up when he needed to.

No Turnovers for the offense.

Offensive line pass blocking well as well as run blocking.

Receivers catching almost everything thrown their way.

Running Backs doing well as they all rushed for a combined 111 yards.

DeMarcus Ware…what can I say, he is amazing.

Newman and Jenkins looked good coming back from injuries.

Defense forced five 3 plays and out on the Titans offense.

75,720 fans for a preseason game? Wow!!!!

Some of the negative things from the game…

Penalties!!!!! Especially on the offensive line.

Special Teams tackling.

Terence Newman and DeAngelo Smith should not be returning punts.

Nick Folk is having issues with Field Goal attempts.

Will the big screen be a concern as the season moves on?

It was a good time had by all last night. The win, the progress of the team and oh yes, the new stadium that is amazing. I was in awe as I watched on TV. I can only imagine what it looks like when you are actually there. I thought Fox did a good job showing the new stadium to the fans during the game and I loved the tour during halftime.

“For the opposing teams, it’s a shock to them,” linebacker DeMarcus Ware said of the stadium’s atmosphere. “It’s definitely a 12th man.”

“The big star was the stadium and our fans,” Phillips said. “It was loud in there, and our players played to the level of the situation.”

Tony Romo, Patrick Crayton and Jason Garrett on how the team played..

“The team came out with a lot of energy, and it’s really exciting to be a part of something this special,” Romo said. “It’s only going to continue and get better as the year goes on.”

“I thought we did the big things well,” Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said. “I think we’re playing with good tempo and good urgency, which is an important part of our style of offense.”

“You can be pleased by it, but I know there’s room for improvement,” Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton said. “If we’ve got five series, we want to go 5-for-5 in scoring. We need to improve on that.”

Funny thing that somehow I missed during the third quarter as Referee Walt Anderson announced another Dallas penalty…

“False start; everyone but the center.”

So now the Cowboys are 1-1 this preseason. Next up are the San Francisco 49ers August 29th. I’m sure we will all be looking for continued progress from the team and much less penalties since the 3rd preseason game is usually the true warm-up for the season. There were some of us on the Chat Board last night speaking about nothing at the 50 yard line of the new stadium. I’ve read a few articles that lead me to believe Jerry Jones is planning something for the first regular season game against the Giants on National TV. The stadium won’t be complete until that star is at midfield.

The Chat Board is a lot of fun for all. It’s even better when the Cowboys are winning and the humor increases among all of us. Whether it’s praising the 911 connection of Romo and Williams or becoming a Kevin Ogletree fan. I for one hope he makes the team because he looks like a really good receiver and also because Stanback was out of the game again last night. Why? because of an injury.

Go Cowboys!!!!

Cowboys News: Offensive Talk and Nick Folk Update

There will be no Wildcat offense in Dallas this season, well kind of. The Cowboys are calling their Wildcat formation the Razorback because it features Felix Jones. The formation shows Tony Romo lined up at wide receiver and Patrick Crayton in the shotgun as Jones goes in motion.

“Man, it was great,” said Jones, who was utilized primarily as a decoy. “It brought back old memories. It’s just the first day. I believe we can get a lot better at it. You’ll see a lot more of it, I’m hoping, when the time comes.”

Maybe Jason Garrett is getting the message and wants to do different things in 2009. He needs to take advantage of all his offensive weapons. A few weeks back it was reported that Dallas ran the halfback option pass with Marion Barber throwing a touchdown pass to Patrick Crayton.

In other news Nick Folk is healing from his hip surgery he had after the draft in April. It was reported on that Folk is ready to do some light running on Monday. Folk said he should be able to start kicking a volleyball in mid to late June. A volleyball is lighter and offers less resistance. Dr. Marc Philippon who performed the surgery said Folk should come back stronger and never have an issue with the labrum again.

Breaking News: Nick Folk Has Hip Surgery

Just when you thought things were already bad in Cowboys Nation, we have been hit with another significant blow as Cowboy’s kicker Nick Folk underwent surgery for his ailing hip.

The Star Telegram writes,

The Dallas Cowboys’ special teams unit, which already was reeling after coach Joe DeCamillis’ back injury suffered in Saturday’s collapse of the indoor practice facility, received another setback Wednesday when kicker Nick Folk underwent hip surgery.

Folk had surgery to repair a labral tear in his right hip. He is expected to miss eight weeks before he is able to resume light kicking. The Cowboys hope he will be ready for his full kicking load by training camp in late July.

The surgery was performed in Denver by Dr. Mark Phillipon, considered one of the nation’s top hip specialists.

The third-year kicker made 20 of 22 field-goal attempts last season and is 46-of-53 for his career. He made the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

We now have a better understanding of why the Cowboys drafted David Buehler in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

The hip that began bothering Folk late in the season never got better, and so the Cowboys decided on surgery after almost five months with no improvement. I only hope they didn’t wait too late as this is a significant injury for any player let alone a kicker.

The team’s decision to draft Southern Cal kicker David Buehler last month now becomes so much clearer. With Buehler in the fold, the Cowboys have themselves an excellent contingency plan if Folk suffers any setbacks during his 8-12 weeks of recovery and rehab.

The (Identical) Triplets

Is it just me or could Nick Folk, Jon Kitna and the newly drafted David Buehler be passed off as identical triplets?

Okay, so maybe not Kitna as much but wow Folk and the new kicker Buehler are strikingly similar.

Hey, what’s wrong with a little Monday morning humor? LOL

Lucky Number 13

It was announced today that Greg Ellis will join the dozen other Cowboys in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl next month. Ellis will replace the Bears linebacker Lance Briggs on the roster.

It was thought by many that Greg Ellis was snubbed when he was not selected for the Pro Bowl this year. He had a career year and was also named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year.

This is Ellis’ first Pro Bowl selection in 10 years. Congrats!

The 13 Pro Bowl Cowboys 

WR Terrell Owens
TE Jason Witten
OT Flozell Adams
G Leonard Davis
C Andre Gurode
OLB DeMarcus Ware
K Nick Folk
*QB Tony Romo
**S Ken Hamlin
OLB Greg Ellis
S Roy Williams
RB Marion Barber
CB Terence Newman
* – Likely starter for Packers QB Brett Favre, who has announced he will not play in the game.
** – Named as a backup safety but will move into starting lineup for late Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Info from

How to find Perspective in Total Darkness

Hey LoneStarStruckers,

This is Fred or Fredooch or whatever you want to call me. I am devastated as I am sure most of us are. Our Dallas Cowboys lost to the hated NY Giants. I will give respect where respect is due. Congrats Giants. You beat us fair and square. I am not going to sit here and make excuses for the way the Boys played. We had 60 minutes of football to prove we were the better team and we failed. So again my congrats.

Earlier I made some references to needing a change due to the fact that a 13-3 team shouldn’t lose in a divisional round. Even though I still believe that, I now can’t wait for the first preseason game next season. These next few months will be hard to swallow but we will be okay. The sad thing is that I never would of imagined this being a team that would be scratching their heads thinking that they couldn’t believe they lost to the Giants after beating them twice this past season. But enough of the Giants and enough of this season. Its over and there’s nothing you and I can do about it.

So how does one find perspective in total darkness? Well for one, it was a great and fun season. There were highlights this season that will be replayed 20 years from now. Like when Romo had that bad snap against the Rams and turned a 35 yard loss into a 6 yard first down for example. Or when Nick Folk hit that 52 yard field goal against Buffalo on that Monday Night game back in October. There were many memorable plays this season so thanks Dallas Cowboys.

Thank you Tony Romo for giving us fans one of the greatest seasons any Dallas Cowboy QB has ever had. Thank you Marion Barber for giving us everything you had every time you touched that ball. Thank you Jason Witten for catching all those clutch 3rd down catches and becoming the All-Pro TE we all knew you already were. Thank You Terrell Owens for being the game changer and TEAMMATE you have been since you became a Dallas Cowboy. That post-game interview last night where T.O. cried defending his QB made me order a T.O. jersey from the Dallas Cowboys online Pro Shop.

Thank you Dallas O-Line for blocking and protecting all season long and deservedly so, having three Pro Bowlers on that line. Thank you Dallas D-Line for all of your big plays this season. Thank you Demarcus Ware for becoming the pass rushing beast you have become. Thank you Greg Ellis for becoming the professional and pass rusher we knew you always were. Thank you Dallas corners & safeties for all those big plays and clutch interceptions. Thank you Dallas LB’s for all those run stuffs and QB Sacks.

Thank you Nick Folk for finally giving us some consistency on field goals and that clutch kick against Buffalo. Thank you Matt McBriar for another great season pinning opponents on the other side of the 50. Thank you Wade Phillips and the rest of the coaching staff for those 13 wonderful game plans. So Thank You all Dallas Cowboys listed and unlisted here for a great season but an awful end.

So its roughly 7 months ’til the start of training camp. Its gonna be a long and arduous wait. I have been a Dallas Cowboy Fan-atic since birth so bear with me if I am taking this loss a little too personal and hard.

As my friend Jorge stated to me earlier in a myspace bulletin he wrote, "And for you guys that say "Why do you care about Dallas Cowboys"? Hey, it is a primitive instinct to want to belong to a clan. We (fans) adopt a team, and in the psychological aspect of things…. We feel as we are part of that clan (favorite team). I know, it might sound stupid, but they (Cowboys) are like family. When you grow up watching a team for so many years…. they are in a way just part of your life." I couldn’t have said it better myself Jorge.

Thats how to find Perspective in Total Darkness.



Eleven Plus Roy Equals Record-Breaking Twelve Pros

The NFL named Roy Williams to his 5th Pro Bowl Thursday, making him the 12th Cowboy attending this year’s Pro Bowl. Williams was chosen to replace the late Sean Taylor’s roster spot at safety.

This also breaks the record of Cowboys elected to a Pro Bowl. In ’93 and ’94 the Cowboys sent 11 players to Hawaii. Those years also happened to be when Dallas became Super Bowl Champions, 2 years in a row.

Roy Williams joins defensive teammates Demarcus Ware, Terence Newman and Ken Hamlin; as well as offensive players Flozell Adams, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Jason Witten, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber and Tony Romo. The rookie kicker Nick Folk has also been elected, becoming the first Dallas rookie since 1990 to attend the Pro Bowl.

Ken Hamlin will move up to the starting free safety in place of Sean Taylor and Roy Williams will be the alternate safety. Williams described this honor as a blessing and plans to do something special for the Taylor family before the Pro Bowl.

In other news regarding Roy Williams, he has decided to change his number to 38 next season. This was his number in college when he played for University of Oklahoma. He also says this is reference to the bible. "Eight in the bible is regarded as a new beginning, and I feel that after this season it’s time to switch over," Williams said. "Switch to No. 38."


Eleven Cowboys Headed to the Pro Bowl

What a magical year for the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team will be sending 11 of its top players to Hawaii to be honored at the Pro Bowl. This will tie the franchise record which was set back during the 90s dynasty years.


Flozell Adams, offensive tackle

Leonard Davis, guard

Andre Gurode, center

Jason Witten, tight end

Terrell Owens, wide receiver

DeMarcus Ware, linebacker

Nick Folk, kicker 


Tony Romo, quarterback

Marion Barber, running back

Ken Hamlin, safety

Terence Newman, cornerback


Cowboys News: Gramatica Released

The Cowboys released Martin Gramatica today after spending less than a month on the Injured Reserve list. Gramatica injured his hamstring during the third preseason game in Houston and was placed on the IR to open a spot on the 53-man roster.  

Gramatica can sign with another team at this time, but if he does he risks any grievance pay from the Cowboys. He received a $200,000 signing bonus in the offseason.

During Training Camp and Preseason, Gramatica had some competition for starter kicker with rookie Nick Folk. Nick Folk has been amazing in his first 3 starts, completing 6 of 7 field goal attempts (his only missed field goal was blocked).

After the failure of Mike Vanderjagt last year, Gramatica came to be a Cowboy, and with him brought hope. We wish you the best of luck Gramatica and thanks for your hard work!