Dallas Cowboys Offseason Workout Report #1

Dallas hasn’t officially starting the training camp, but voluntary OTAs (Organized Team Activities) are going on, and mini-camp will be coming along.

For starters, we have a serious injury to second-string cornerback, Orlando Scandrick, who “shattered” his finger on the 26th of May. The injury is indefinite for now. Scandrick believes he isn’t going to be catching balls until training camp starts in late July.

He was breaking up a pass intended for wide receiver Manuel Johnson, a seventh round pick from last year, and his hand immediately went numb, but it was a while later before he truly realized how serious the injury was. He had surgery soon after and the pin that was inserted into finger isn’t going to be taken out for a while.

There has been no news about Keith Brooking’s knee surgery, which probably means that his rehab is going according to schedule. He’ll be needed this past season with his amazing leadership and hard tackles.

Roy Williams has stated that he and Tony Romo are now connecting very well, are on the same page, and even made a comparison that I felt wasn’t the most strategic move to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

That aside, the Cowboys are doing well at workouts. Marion Barber has actually lost ten pounds, bringing his weight down to the 212-215 range in order to gain some speed on the ground. He’s still strong as an ox, but Barber knows that speed is difference in the open field between a 15 yard gain and a 25 yard gain.

Barber is not going to be the starting running back, that privilege has been awarded to Felix Jones now, but Barber is a team player and will try his hardest whenever he gets his carries, so this news is very encouraging.

Dez Bryant has been on fire lately according to most viewer reports. Bryant, the controversial Oklahoma State receiver, was drafted by Dallas because in 1998, the Cowboys passed on another similar receiver named Randy Moss.

Those who don’t know who Randy Moss is just need to watch the highlight films of the 2007 Patriots. Moss accounted for 23 of Tom Brady’s touchdown passes that year.

In fact, Moss had the greatest rookie season a wide receiver has ever had. He had 17 touchdowns, 69 receptions, and 1313 yards; just an unstoppable player.

Dez Bryant is probably hoping to do the same for us. While that is asking a lot of the young man, I’d be thrilled if he did do it. That could be the finishing move for Dallas to win in the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl.

The team is taking a “best player” approach to every position, including quarterback. It doesn’t matter how long you have been the starter, if you are outplayed then you don’t start. It makes the players play better knowing that they have challenges for their jobs.

Linebacker Jason Williams, a third round pick from last year, is very psyched about the opportunity to be the nickel linebacker. The nickel linebacker is the guy who usually comes in on third down when it is an obvious passing down, and the linebacker from first and second down come out to stay fresh.

Since the Cowboys have traded Bobby Carpenter to the St. Louis Rams, they now have an opening at the nickel linebacker, and challenging Williams will be first and foremost, Sean Lee, the rookie linebacker drafted by Dallas in the second round this past draft.

I can’t say for sure who will win in these competitions. I wish I was in Dallas instead of my tiny town in Texas, but I’m sure that the Cowboys are going to take the right steps, and we can only hope that there isn’t a sudden outbreak of injuries on the team. That would be a real problem.

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LSS Extra Points: One Goodbye and Many Excused Absences

As any Cowboys fan knows, the dog days of offseason are long and boring. Nearly every day you seek any news or rumors about your team and rarely come up with anything. Today I spent time with family and had a lazy day and what do you know, the Cowboys go and make a little rumble.

I know at least a handful of people who will be happy to hear this news…

The Cowboys have released Cory Procter. The 27-year old backup offensive lineman has been with in Dallas since 2005, though didn’t debut in the NFL until 2007. He only started in 13 career games, 11 of those in 2008 while filling in for the injured Kyle Kosier. How dare they break up the band, eh, who needs offensive line depth anyway?

In other news, Sam Hurd and Patrick Crayton both missed OTAs on Monday. Hurd was on scene but out while recovering from offseason thumb surgery. Crayton is still demanding a trade, but no one seems to be interested. Have you Hurd Crayton wants out of the big D?

Marcus Spears also missed the practice because of a scheduling conflict according to several sources. Whatever that means?

Keith Brooking, Stephen Hodge and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah are all recovering from surgeries while Sean Lissemore and Scott Sicko are finishing up at college. Yes, okay they are excusable.

These workouts are voluntary but Coach Phillips made a good point saying… “Your competitors at your position are all here.” Okay so he’s no philosopher but you understand what he’s saying.

You can argue either way, veterans can miss the practices because they know the drills but at the same time the new guys, younger guys are there practicing, busting ass to steal your place on the roster. Practice makes perfect!

That’s all for now. Only 117 days until the 2010 season kicks off!

Cowboys Extra Points: Tying Up Loose Ends

The NFL released dates today for all clubs. Here are the dates for the Cowboys Organized Team Activities and well as Rookie and Veteran Mini Camps

OTAs: May 17-19, May 24-26, June 1-3, June 8-10

Mini Camps: April 30-May 2 (rookies), June 11-13


With the recent signings of Montrae Holland and Alan Ball, the Cowboys have only Miles Austin and Gerald Sensabaugh left to sign their tenders by June 15 or have a long-term deal in place. Last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that “both are in line for a long-term contract”.


Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland, has apologized to Cowboys first round pick Dez Bryant for asking whether his mother a prostitute. The apology came after it was learned that Ireland posed the question during a pre-draft interview with Bryant.


In a complet about-face, undrafted tight end Scott Sicko reversed his position and has agreed to terms on a free-agent contract with the Cowboys, and will attend the team’s rookie minicamp this weekend. Sicko initially decided not to pursue any NFL offers when he failed to get selected in the NFL Draft, and was going to return to school. Jerry Jones can be very convincing when he wants something, huh?


After the season DeMarcus Ware had surgery to remove a bone spur. When asked if he was 100% yet, he replied:

“I would never say 100 percent. I would say 94 percent. The surgery went well. I had a bone spur, and they just shaved it down. Now, everything is good.”

Gotta love Ware’s attitude and personality! We love you #94!

News and Notes from Wednesday’s OTA’s

I’m amazed how many things are coming out of the OTA’s.  From encouraging news to funny news to who cares news. It’s the who cares news I can do without. Our team will always be under the microscope I suppose, so I guess we just read the news and move on. Here are some things I’ve read about from Wednesday’s OTA’s.

Romo v.s Garrett?

It was reported that Jason Garrett told Tony Romo that he needed to get into better shape. But Romo denied that yesterday saying that he has a “phenomenal” relationship with Garrett and they continue to work on his performance as well as the offensive performance.

“If there’s anything those guys tell me, it’s to throttle back sometimes just because I do a lot of running playing soccer and basketball and stuff to stay in shape, plus the stuff we do,” said Romo, who added no such meeting occurred.

“If you need to be coached to be good or great, then you’re probably not going to be that good or great,” he said. “I’ve had coaches in the past … one of the best lines ever was, ‘If I have to stay on you 24/7 then you’re probably not going to last very long.’ So you need to be self-motivated. You don’t get to this position if you’re not. I think the biggest misconception is that people need to treat you like you’re 17 years old. You’re either going to do it or you’re not. Either you want to be successful or you don’t. Either you want to be great or you don’t.”

A Different Wade?

Wade Phillips continues to enforce strict rules this off-season. The team is going to hand out heavy fines to players who come into training camp overweight.

“I expect them to be in the best shape they’ve been in. That’s part of being accountable,” Phillips said. “I want them to come in the best shape they can be in. We’ve put [targeted] weights on them. The league maximum [fine] is $453 a pound. We expect them to come in [to training camp] at their weights or under and we’ll have that done when we come to training camp.”

Ratliff’s Backup

So who will be backing up Jay Ratliff in 2009? Well, there is one player who is ready to take on that job. Junior Siavii is the Cowboys best shot at backing at Ratliff due to his 6 foot 5 frame and 320 pounds. Some say he is the ideal 3-4 defensive nose tackle.

Company Man

Is DeMarcus Ware the new Cowboys defensive captain now that his jersey has the letter “C” on it?  Well, he might very well be the defensive captain, but it’s not because of the letter “C”. That came compliments of Lenard “Bigg” Davis who had the letter “C” stitched to Ware’s jersey because it stands for Company Man.

“He thought it was more important than lunch to go put a C on my jersey”, Ware said.

Ware became a Company Man in the eyes of his teammates last week during the teams OTA’s when the team usually finishes their workouts with 200 yards of sprints.

“Let’s run 300!”, Ware hollered

Loving Ratliff

Jay Ratliff was seen blowing through the offensive line time after time on Wednesday almost like they weren’t even there.  This coming from a 2005 draft pick who many thought might not even make the team. And also the same year that DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears were drafted.

The Barbarian

One player standing out in better physical condition this off-season is Marion Barber. Looking more chiseled than ever in his arms and his chest. That can not be good news for opposing defenses.

Who is the best TE?

Jason Witten gave a few rookies a lesson during Wednesday’s practice. On one assignment Witten was asked to block rookie OLB Jason Williams.  Not only did Williams not get anywhere near the QB, but Witten almost  bent Williams in half on the block.  The next play Witten caught a pass and turned up-field where rookie OLB Brandon Williams was waiting. Witten froze Williams with a shoulder fake and then turned towards the sideline before heading up-field. Williams attempted to get his feet back under him and recover, but by that time Witten was long gone.


Here is a link to some pictures taken from Wednesday’s OTA’s

Felix Jones Wild About New Formation


Several sources have reported that the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new “Wildcat” offense during organized team activities Thursday at Standridge Stadium.

The one difference is that they changed up the name a bit and referred to it as the “Razorback” in honor of running back Felix Jones, who helped make the formation famous as running back for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“Man, it was great,” Jones said. “It brought back old memories. It’s just the first day. I believe we can get a lot better at it. You’ll see a lot more of it, I’m hoping, when the time comes.”

While it will be fun to watch as a change of pace every now and then, don’t expect it to be incorporated as major part of the offense, not as long as Tony Romo is under center.

“We’re looking at it a little bit,” Phillips said. We’ll see if it goes any further than that. It depends on what we can do, certainly.”

The one thing this signals is that the Cowboys have every intention of making Felix Jones a bigger part of the offense. And that my Cowboys friends, is perfectly fine by me.

I think Felix Jones is going to emerge as one of the most exciting players in the game this season.

Tuesday’s OTA Notes

Here are a few updates from Tuesday’s practice.

Jason Garrett seems to be a little different during practice so far in 2009. Yesterday he actually got mad at Jason Witten when he had a false start, yelling…

“get me another tight end!”

The same thing happened when a false start was called on Leonard Davis.

 “Get me a new right guard!”

It was reported that Davis walked over to Garrett and said something, but Garrett just ignored him. Wade Phillips pulled Davis from the first team for one play because of the false start.  There is something about this that I like. Many people have said that this team is too soft and we all know how many penalties they have been called for in recent years. Most of those penalties were at the worst possible times.

Although it has been reported that Tony Romo and Roy Williams have been working a lot together. In yesterday’s seven-on-seven drills they were not on the same page as they missed on several passes. Looks like they need to keep working. Which is what these OTA’s are all about.

Sam Hurd was the latest to hit the injury list with a sore quadriceps muscle. It is not believed to be anything serious. This goes along with injuries to Isaiah Stanback (torn meniscus), Rodney Hannah (broken finger), Tim Anderson (toe), Jason Hatcher (knee), Kyle Kosier (foot) and Nick Folk (hip).

Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick received first team reps opposite Terrence Newman. Mike Mickens has yet to attend the OTA’s until he officially graduates. DeAngeloSmith has worked at corner and safety. Newman broke up multiple plays on Tuesday while also coming close to intercepting a Romo pass that could have gone for a touchdown. Fifth round pick safety Michael Hamlin has been getting praise from coach Brett Maxie for his play and he also calls him a sponge. Everything that is asked of Hamlin, he then takes it onto the field and performs at a high level. 

The Cowboys released cornerback Tra Battle and defensive tackle Casey Tyler on Tuesday.

A new twist to the Cowboys offense was when the first team scored in the red zone on a Marion Barber halfback pass to Patrick Crayton.

It’s still early, but I’m starting to like many of the things I’m reading about the Cowboys. I especially like the toughness from Garrett and Phillips. I think that is what this team needs. They need to be coached and praised when everything is working, but also called out when things are not working. I really hope that not being in the spotlight (Hard Knocks) this season will help them. Keep working guys. It will all pay off in the end.

Much A Do About Nothing

Things look good so far with us. The Cowboys picked up a few draft picks and some off season free agents. The team looked good at the OTA’s and it seems that Boys’ still have life pumping in their veins. It’s all good in Dallas right now.

That was until T.O. opened his mouth, or twitter for that matter. When a Cowboys fan (or someone wanting him to talk) asked Owens about what happen with him in Dallas, T.O. responded by saying.

neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!

This was the leading story on ESPN and NFL Total Access. People agreed and disagreed with him. Whatever, it’s a slow news day, I don’t blame them.

Now I could go into a long “Kanye West” type rant about this, but it isn’t worth it my fellow Cowboys’ fans. T.O. said he’s happy in Buffalo and we’re (or most of us) are happy he’s gone. Heck, I hope he makes another crappy rap song about why he’s in Buffalo. 

There are truly alot more important things to be paying attention to then this trash. Like, who’s gonna win “4th and Long”. Now that’s a news story.


Cowboys Add a Defensive Tackle, OTAs Tuesday

As reported by Clarence Hill at

The Dallas Cowboys signed free agent defensive tackle Jonas Seawright, the club announced Monday.

Seawright, who has been out of football since 2007, played with the New York Giants in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, he played in nine games and recorded one tackle. He spent his entire rookie season in 2005 on the club’s practice squad after signing as an undrafted free agent out of North Carolina.

The Cowboys begin organized team activities (OTAs) Tuesday.

With the addition of Seawright, the Cowboys have nine defensive linemen. They are Jay Ratliff, Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, Igor Olshansky, Stephen Bowen, Junior Siavii, Marcus Dixon, Tim Anderson and Seawright.

Never heard of him. Not sure if he will make the team, but who knows. Isn’t that why we have training camp and preseason?

Also, I suppose we were anxious to get things started, but despite what was previously reported, OTAs actually being today (not yesterday).

Total Access on NFL Network will have a report from the Cowboys OTAs at 6pm Central time.

A Full Day for Cowboys Fans

We Cowboys fans have a full day to look forward to today. Not only will the full team be together for their first OTA today as reported by Kelly in an earlier post, but tonight will be for the Cowboys fan as well.

After trying to find out what happened in practice today with our team, those of us who have the NFLN can sit and enjoy the replay of the Dallas-Giants game from January 2, 1994 at 8:00est. The day the best running back of all-time carried his team to victory on his one shoulder. The day Emmitt ran for 168 yards, had 61 yards receiving and scored the only Dallas touchdown. Emmitt controlled overtime and set Dallas up for an Eddie Murray game winning FG. The 16-13 victory gave Dallas the NFC East Championship, home field in the playoffs and a needed rest for everyone especially Emmitt. Which all led the way for victory in Super Bowl XXVIII.

And as great as that game was for the Cowboys and us fans we have a choice come 10:00est. Michael Irvin’s new show 4th and Long debuts on Spike. We can watch as 12 amateur athletes compete for a training camp roster spot. Six wide receivers and six defensive backs will be overseen by some notable former Cowboys coaches and players. And of course Jerry Jones.

First Full Squad OTAs of 2009 Begin Monday

The Cowboys will begin the first of their OTAs on Monday. Instead of meeting in Valley Ranch, the team will practice at Standridge Stadium in Carollton, Texas.

The Valley Ranch practice facility is still under investigation and going through the clean up process following the roof collapse earlier this month.

An article at has listed 5 things to look for during these OTAs and I have added my thoughts:

1. Tony Romo in full control –This will be Tony’s year to shine. As we’ve heard way too much this offseason, Tony will be able to make plays without the pressure to get the ball Terrell Owens. Tony has been extremely quiet and out of the light (except when playing golf) and maybe that’s best for the team. But we need him to speak loudly on the field and lead this team strongly throughout the season.

2. Find an identity on offense – As I just stated Romo is the leader of this team. He needs to take control, learn his offense, and become extremely familiar with his receivers. Show everyone exactly what “Romo-friendly” means.

3. The return of Felix Jones – This is pretty self-explanatory. Our top draft pick of ’08 emerged and impressed everyone immediately. He even earned three “Player of the Week” nods from the NFL in the first 5 weeks of the season. Unfortunately Felix fell in week 6, when he tore his hamstring and was later labeled out for the season. This year we will see if Felix Jones can come back from the injury and continue where he left off. 

4. Competition at cornerback –This is a biggie. Looking at the depth chart, other than Terence Newman, we’ve got some young guys fighting for a starting role. Second year players, Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins, proved that they are both capable of being quality starters. Rookies Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith played together at the University of Cincinnati and all eyes will be upon to see where they will fit in.

5. Anthony Spencer replacing Greg Ellis – Spencer will certainly have some big shoes to fill. But based on what he’s done in a part time role, I believe he’s up for the challenge.

Hopefully these practices and activities will bring these players together in a positive light. The loss of Terrell Owens and Roy Lee Williams, followed by the roof collapse tragedy brought negativity and gloom this offseason.

I believe these ‘Boys will grow and bond over the next few months leading up to Training Camp.