Cowboys Playoff Chances Depend On Every Player Giving It Their All

Is anybody else as bored as I am during this painfully long Cowboys offseason?

Mike Florio of the Sporting News believes that the Cowboys are one of six teams that are virtually assured of making the playoffs this season.

The NFC East has a quartet of evenly-matched teams. Last year, for example, the Cowboys won the division even though the Giants, who didn’t qualify for the playoffs, swept them.

This year, each franchise has question marks. Of the four, the Cowboys have the fewest.

Then there’s the fact the Cowboys host the Super Bowl. That may not be enough of a carrot to get them to the game, but it should at least get them past the first major cut.

I agree with Florio, and I hope this time they can go all the way. The other teams he sees in the playoffs are the Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Vikings and Packers.

Is Mike Jenkins sounding a little too cocky and starting to take his starting role for granted?

Well according to some recent comments he made, Jenkins gave those listening the distinct impression that he no longer has to give 100% and work as hard as he once did when he was trying to nail down a starting job. According to ESPN Jenkins said,

“I’ve got a Pro Bowl under my belt, so that’s one of the goals I don’t even have to work for. I feel like my job right now is easier, so I don’t have to work as hard. I can just go on and ride that roller-coaster and keep playing.”

Jenkins is a great player and really excelled as one of the cornerbacks last season after leading the team with five interceptions, but there is still plenty of room left to grow and he is far from perfect.

Now that Jenkins sees no real threat to his starting job, rather than working on refining his skills to take his game to another level, he seems to have taken the approach that his starting job is safe and that he doesn’t need to try as hard.

I find that attitude totally unacceptable.

Hopefully, one of the veterans will take him aside and explain the concept of giving it your all and leaving it on the field.

This team needs players who are hungry for a title, and not simply satisfied because they achieved a meaningless individual honor of playing in the NFL’s most meaningless game, the Pro Bowl.

If we are going to make the playoffs, we need to play as a team with one solitary goal and focus.

Every player must give 110% percent every second that game clock is ticking.

The last thing we need is another key player essentially admitting that he is mailing it in.

A Tough Loss To Take In

Well, 3 days later and I am finally writing an article. It was hard to take in that loss. Not because we got beat 34 – 3 but because, just like James said, we did not choke. We got beat by a team that just simply wanted it more. I am still confused because going into that game, not only did I believe we were the better team but it was being said everywhere I watched and read. writers and analysts were saying Dallas is a better team, Broadcasters on Sports center were saying Dallas was a better team. They were playing “together” just like a championship team should. But watching the game, we simply got outplayed.

Romo did not have his best game by far but this loss was not even close to being his fault. The offensive line fell apart, the defensive line got played, simply put the Dallas Cowboys got outplayed. Don’t get me wrong I am just as much of a fan today as I have been my whole life. I stuck by them when they went 1-16. I was there with them when Tom Landry got treated like a red headed step child and DID NOT deserve it. I was there when they won 3 out of 4 super bowls in the 90’s. I will be with the Cowboys until the day I die.

Looking back at this game if I did not see the score I would never think that they got beat that bad. Let me prove my point.

Time of possession in the game was extremely close. Dallas had the ball for 30:34 and Minnesota had it for 29:26. Dallas had 16 first downs in the game with Minnesota only have 15. Dallas had only 2 penalties all game for a minimal 10 yards. Minnesota had 8 penalties for 50 yards. Minnesota only had 17 more rushing yards than Dallas but the average yards per rush was Dallas 3.7 Minnesota 3.3. Minnesota only converted one more third down that Dallas did.

Looking at those stats makes me feel better about the loss. Do I feel good about it, of course not who does or would feel good about a loss. But I know that Dallas did not choke, as a matter of fact they played a half way decent game.

This year Dallas got a HUGE monkey off their backs. After a 13 year drought, they finally won a playoff game. No we did not advance to the super bowl like we all had hoped but we made a huge step forward in our progress to becoming a championship team once again. We will learn from our mistakes and come back next year stronger faster and more hungry. Thank you Dallas Cowboys for a great season. Let’s do what we have to do this off season to keep our star players and draft some soon to be pro bowlers, and come back next year ready and raring to take on the world.

Dallas Loses 34-3, But Did Not Choke

Well, you can’t win them all. As a person and fan, I’ve have to learn to accept that. Sometimes you don’t win the big games.

This game the Cowboys lost while it is tragic they did, you can’t win them all. There are some days where it would have been close, where Dallas would’ve won, where Minnesota would’ve won, where one is a blowout like today or a close one.

It comes down to who played the better game that day and that was Minnesota. This loss was painful, but Dallas wasn’t horrible, Minnesota was just good.

If I may, I’d like to drift off for a second. Before I realized that sportswriting was my calling, I wanted to be a lawyer like in Law & Order. Well, one of the most famous legal quotes is by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart when it came to the definition of obscenity.

“I cannot define it, but I know it when I see it.”

Well, its the same thing with Dallas. The final score of 34-3 is one that many people who didn’t watch the game would say, “Aw, they got killed! They suck! They are such pathetic chokers!”

Well, they don’t know anything. They are immature haters usually. The reality is that Dallas played a hard game, but Minnesota was just better. There wasn’t a choking moment, the Vikings just controlled the game. There was a lot of bad luck for the Cowboys.

I cannot define the difference between choking and being outplayed, but I know it when I see it, and Dallas did not choke. I can’t upload film to my computer and send ESP to you to point out where this went wrong or how this was just Minnesota playing great ball, but I can hope that you trust my instincts and believe that Dallas is still a great team.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of luck in this game, and Dallas just had some bad luck today.

What Dallas needs to do is to reevaluate themselves. Look at what needs to change on offense or on defense. They need to constantly train throughout the offseason. Preparation is half the game. Some of the best teams have had only good athletes, but they were disciplined and ready for the postseason.

Dallas was ready. I have no doubt they were ready, but they were probably inexperienced. This team now has more experience, and they will make an effort next year to go even further into playoffs. To may get that chance at a Super Bowl. To possibly get that sixth Super Bowl ring.

This was just not Dallas’ time. I truly believe that Minnesota was a team that no one could have beaten today. This team had everything going its way, and you can’t always prevent that.

Despite this loss, I am still a Cowboys fan. I love this team. I love these guys, and I’m proud of them. They seem like a team that is seriously a contender for a Super Bowl for years to come maybe.

I remember in the 1970s, one of the finest teams that was playing was the Oakland Raider coached by Hall of Fame coach and legendary announcer John Madden, was a team that was eliminated often in the postseason.

From 1969 to 1978, John Madden won 103 regular season games with the Raiders and won nine playoff games.

Before 1976 however, Madden was known as the coach who couldn’t win the big one, and his team was known as one who couldn’t finish it all in playoffs.

To paraphrase him from the 1976 America’s Game, “People say that Madden can’t win the big one. Well, before the game, tell me when there’s a little one?”

They had won big games, they had won playoff games, they hadn’t won a championship, but Madden was never discouraged because if you constantly work at it and keep trying, then you will win a Super Bowl. John Madden was very calm and very confident in his guys for the upcoming season.

He finally assembled a team that went 13-1 and won the Super Bowl 32-14. It did happen for him because he realized that sometimes great teams take a while to get it all done.

Dallas has won big games, they’ve won a playoff game, they won in December and January, so they haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, but they are on the right track for that and I believe that it will happen one day for these guys.

Even if they don’t do it next year, I’ll still be watching these guys, and I’ll still believe in them.

So, if any Cowboy reads this, know I got your back too guys.

James Williamson is also an accomplished writer for and

Cowboys End Playoff Drought; Dominate Eagles 34 – 14

As the final seconds of the game tick away, and I watch Tony Romo walk off the field I notice something very interesting. The monkey is gone! The Dallas Cowboys have finally ended their prolonged 13 year playoff drought. Not only did they end this drought with a win over a rival team in the NFC East, They ended it with one of the most dominating performances ever put on in the playoffs.

Tony Romo was once again at the top of his game putting on a clinic for the fans to see. Picking apart the eagles defense, converting 3rd long like it was 3rd and inches. Throwing 23/35 passes for 244 yards 2 touchdowns and no interceptions, thanks to Wade Phillips for what could be considered the best coaching move he has made as a head coach for the Dallas Cowboys and challenging what at first seemed to be an amazing interception. Romo proved once again, give him time in the pocket and he will pick apart a defense.

Just as the last 2 meetings in the regular season against the Eagles, the Dallas running game was unstoppable. Dallas rushed for a total 198 yards on 35 carries between our 3 top running backs. With Felix Jones leading the way with a 73 yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter and putting the final nail in the coffin of the Eagles.

I wrote an article a couple months back about when the game was fun and how if we could get back to remembering it was fun to play the game, and then the wins would come. I mention that previous article because the way that the defense is playing and not letting the opponents come anywhere close to clicking and getting any kind of rhythm, The offense has fun while on the field. Think back to when Romo threw that little 6 yard screen touchdown pass to Miles Austin. When they showed Romo running down to congratulate Austin, Romo reached over and gave the Ref a “man” pat as he ran by him. Romo had the biggest smile on his face he has had all season. THAT is having fun. THAT is what we need.

What to say about our defense. I could mention what this player and that player did. How this player got a sack or that player made a great deflection. However, it was a total team defense that made this game possible. It was whole defense that made plays; it was every player on the field at any time doing exactly what they had to do to make things happen. Did any one player “stand” out? Of course they did, matter of fact a couple of different players stood out. But that does not mean the other players did not “play their roll”. It was a total TEAM effort.

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for ending their playoff drought. Let’s go out and get another win next week against the Minnesota Vikings and continue our run to the Super Bowl!!!!!


Just Believe

Here we are again in the playoffs!  What a year it has been for the Cowboys.  We started out the season a little different this year.  In past years we start off strong then bust at the end of the season. This year we started out slow 2-2 and they had all of us scratching our heads saying “What”?  But,  what’s different this year is that we continue to improve from game to game.

We will see what the playoffs hold for us tonight when we play the Eagles for the third time this season. I have read we can’t do it, but is it too hard to win three games in a row against a team that knows you so well?

I believe this our team can do it. Why am I so sure? 

What makes me believe is something Tony Romo said after the first game we played against the Redskins at home. We won the ugly game by just one point and he said,

“We didn’t play as well as we liked today, that’s obvious, but I was proud of the guys for continuing to fight, not giving up and believing throughout the game we were going to win the game and you don’t win these types of ball games without that type of belief in each other.”

That belief is why I believe we will win against the Eagles for the third time this season. This team believes in each other and that is what we have been lacking the last few seasons.


Romo is on top of his game. He is playing with confidence, but not too much that would come off as cocky. He is thinking out on the field. The line has protected him well, but when he is pressured he isn’t making silly impulsive throws like he once did. He takes the sack or makes the most out of each play.

Of course, it helps when you have targets like Witten, Crayton and of course, Miles Austin.  Although Roy Williams and Tony can’t seem to connect or get on the same page, I do see RW doing the small things like blocking, which also helps the team.

The defense has been everything we could have hoped for and better. They are strong, confident and solid throughout. Besides Pro Bowlers like DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and Mike Jenkins have emerged as legitimate weapons. A great defense wouldn’t be complete without leadership. Enter Keith Brooking. 

With a high powered offense led by Romo, and a stellar defense coming off back to back shutouts, the Cowboys are in a great position to continue their NFC East dominance later today.

Say good bye to that awful string of six consecutive playoff losses. That all ends today with a decisive victory against a fierce rival. Today… we unleash hell… and a new era of Cowboys championship football begins.

Still No Love For Cowboys As They Go For the Hat Trick

With the 44-6 smackdown from last season’s finale on their minds, the Cowboys came out with their six guns smokin’ on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium and put a fork in a Philadelphia Eagles team that had previously won six straight games. The Boys almost effortlessly exercised their previous December demons, finishing off the regular season with three straight wins.

Dallas’ 24-0 blowout marked the second straight week they have held their opponent scoreless, a feat that had never before happened in Dallas Cowboys history.

Fans, coaches, players, and front office personnel could not ask for a better way to ride into the playoffs than what has taken place the last three weeks.

  • December 19: The Cowboys march into the Superdome and convincingly end the Saints’ undefeated season in a game the “experts” said was an impossible win for the Cowboys (AHEM Tony Dungy, who by the way has jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon).
  • December 27: Dallas travels up to D.C. and embarrasses the Redskins 17-0.
  • January 3: Dallas thumps the Eagles 24-0 to win the NFC East and clinch the #3 seed in the NFC.

Aside from winning their last three games, the Cowboys defense silenced a lethal Saints offense, and held the Redskins and Eagles to zero points in09000d5d8157987f_gallery_600consecutive weeks.

Tony Romo is playing the best football of his career, throwing only one interception in the month of December compared to seven touchdowns.

The offense is becoming more balanced, and is relying more on its talented run game to open up the passing game.

After watching the last three weeks transpire, it’s hard for critics to deny the legitimacy of a team that rolled over the undefeated Saints, shut out division foes in back to back weeks, and convincingly took the NFC East.

But the critics still remain.

Since the naysayers cannot scrutinize Tony Romo for inconsistent December play, the defense for giving up big plays, or the receivers for not making big plays, they have decided to pull a more petty argument out of their arsenal of nonsense.

“It’s too difficult to beat a team three times in a year.”

This statement is so ridiculous and irrelevant that it’s hard to believe “experts” and “analysts” even bring it up anymore.

It’s about as stupid as Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg on Sunday saying something to the tune of “Jacksonville is 20:1 against the odds in temperatures below thirty degrees.”

Last time I checked players weren’t basing their game plans on Vegas odds.

Apparently the “analysts” didn’t watch the Cowboys run the Eagles out of Cowboys Stadium, onto Tom Landry Freeway, and back to DFW International before the fourth quarter even started.

The Cowboys are a more talented team than the Eagles and they will prove that on Saturday night. Period.

So let Desean Jackson do his talking.

Let the trashy Eagles employees do their spitting as they stand in awe of our palace.

Let Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia show how classless they are.

Like my old man said this week, “Let ’em spit, because they sure can’t play football.”

The Cowboys are in the Playoffs? You can not be Serious!

For the last few weeks I’ve heard that not only are the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs this year, but that they are also NFC East Champs. I find this very hard to believe considering all of the faith I put into all the preseason magazines I read and all the preseason shows I watched. These experts made it very clear that the 2009 Dallas Cowboys were a third place team at best. So you can understand my confusion when I heard that they made the playoffs. How can I not believe all these experts on television, some of which even played pro football. This has to be a mistake that the Cowboys are in the playoffs. I’ve already made plans for every weekend after the season was over. Maybe it’s really the NY Giants they are talking about? It has to be a mistake!! The Cowboys have way too many issues. I went back and found what was said about the Cowboys. Flashback to July, August, September….

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator?

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.

3. There are still no team leaders.

4. No number one receiver on the team.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary.

See what I mean? How can the Cowboys be in the playoffs with all these problems? This team was looking at a 5-11 record at best. It’s the Giants and Eagles that will battle for the Eastern Division and then Super Bowl XLIV. That’s what I was told. That’s what I believed.

I’m sure those of you who have read my posts before know that I’m kidding, not to mention a little sarcastic. Ok, a lot sarcastic!! Sure I’ve voiced my opinion about this team over the course of the season. At times not liking Jason Garrett’s play calling, not liking the times the defense did not respond at important times, not liking that Roy Williams was/is still a starter, trying to support Nick Folk as long as I could. But I refused to give up and either did this team. The result? An 11-5 record and the NFC East Championship. I’m very proud of this team and how they have come together.

All those concerns listed above about the Cowboys before the season and even during the season were all real. We all have read the articles and watched the so-called experts bash this team every week. Let’s list the concerns again, but this time we will answer them.

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator? Not only has he motivated these players he has also coached the defense to the 9th ranked unit in the NFL.

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.  Who doesn’t agree that the Cowboys have been better off without TO? Sure he had good numbers, but he was selfish and made players around him miserable. Most importantly, Tony Romo.

3. There are still no team leaders. Leaders? Let me list them…Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and probably the biggest leader this season? Keith Brooking.

4. No number one receiver on the team. I don’t believe in a number one receiver. I believe in spreading the ball around and hit whomever is open. But if you want a number one receiver then look no further than Miles Austin. In 2009 Austin became the starter in week 5 and had a career season. 81 receptions, 1,320 yards and 11 TDs.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January. The Cowboys did lose their first two games of December in 2009, but it had nothing to do with Romo. It was Romo who played what could be considered his best football in the last five games of the season. In those five games Romo threw for 1,550 yards, 9 TDs and only 2 INTs. Not to mention that the Cowboys offense finished ranked number two in the NFL.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary. Weak Link? Jenkins was the MVP of the secondary, in my opinion anyway. He finished the 2009 regular season with 49 tackles, 19 defended passes and led the team with five interceptions.

I just wanted to have a little fun with this post. These Cowboys are on a mission. These are the NFL playoffs. Twelve teams have a chance to claim the top prize. It’s win and go on or lose and go home. Keep doing what you are doing Cowboys. This is your time.

And like I said in my last Flashback post…”I didn’t hear no bell”

Flashback: The Wildcard Playoffs at Home

Normally with my Flashback posts I write about a past game against the opponent that the Cowboys are about to play. This week the Cowboys are preparing for their third meeting against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wildcard round of the 2009 Playoffs. Dallas has played the Eagles three times in the Playoffs over the years. They lost to the Eagles 20-7 in the 1980 NFC Championship game. They beat the Eagles 34-10 in 1992 and 30-11 in 1995. Both of the wins coming in the Divisional Round. Since there is not much Playoff history between the Cowboys and the Eagles I thought I would take a look back at the Cowboys Wildcard history at home.

1980 – Dallas defeats the LA Rams 34-13

This was the very first Wildcard Playoff game the Cowboys played in. Both teams played to a 13-13 halftime tie before the Cowboys took full control in the second half behind the running of Tony Dorsett. The Cowboys outscored the Rams in the second half 21-0 as Dorsett ran for 160 yards and a touchdown. Dorsett also added a receiving touchdown from Danny White. The Cowboys offense out-gained the Rams offense 528 to 260. Of those 528 yards 338 were gained running the ball.

1982 – Dallas defeats Tampa Bay 30-17

1982 was the strike shortened season when the NFL threw out the divisions and made it so the top eight teams in the NFC and AFC made the playoffs. The Cowboys finished the season 6-3 and took on Tampa Bay in the first round. The Buccaneers actually had a 17-16 lead going into the fourth quarter before the Cowboys scored twice and took the game. Tony Dorsett ran for 110 yards and Danny White threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns. The Cowboys out-gained the Bucs 456 to 218. The Cowboys defense collected five sacks and three interceptions off of Bucs quarterback Doug Williams.

1983 – Dallas loses to the LA Rams 24-17

This game did not start off well for the Cowboys as Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo led them down the field on their first possession and took a 7-0 lead. It was a game mostly dominated by the Rams as they held a 24-10 fourth quarter lead before the Cowboys scored late to make it closer than it actually was. The Rams held the Cowboys to only 63 yards rushing and collected four turnovers while sacking Danny White three times.

1996 – Dallas defeats Minnesota 40-15

This Wildcard game was kind of the end of the Dallas dynasty from the 90’s. It’s also the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game. The Cowboys took a commanding 30-0 lead at halftime behind the running of Emmitt Smith who ran for 116 yards and scored twice. The Cowboys out-gained the Vikings on the ground 255 to 63. Michael Irvin caught eight passes from Troy Aikman for 103 yards.

1998 – Dallas loses to Arizona 20-7

A game that was dominated by the Cardinals from the start. The Cowboys could not get anything going on offense or defense. The Cowboys offense was not able to score until the fourth quarter after the Cardinals already had a 20-0 lead. The offense also could only manage 260 yards as Emmitt Smith was held to 74 yards and Troy Aikman threw for just 191 yards and three interceptions.

So the Cowboys are 3-2 in Wildcard games at home. What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing! It’s just fun to look back at the games. Well, it’s fun to look back at the games they won.

Now as we move closer to the most recent Wildcard game which is this Saturday night. The Cowboys are red hot winning their last three games of the season and they are confident. They will need to continue everything they have done in recent weeks to beat the Eagles for the third time this season. Maybe even a trick or two if the timing is right.

Congratulations to the 2009 NFC Eastern Division Champion Dallas Cowboys. This ride is far from over.

And as Rocky Balboa said in Rocky V…”I didn’t hear no bell”.

Now They Fear the Star

I just read this interesting article over at and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Its nice to see the Cowboys are finally getting some much deserved respect in the league.

NFC Fear Factor: Cowboys are conference’s most dangerous team

1. Dallas Cowboys (11-5, No. 3 seed)

Beware of this red-hot team, winners of three straight and five of their last seven. Dallas has shown to be the most physical team in the postseason on both sides of the line.

The offensive front is road-grading, giving its trio of tailbacks room to run and allowing quarterback Tony Romo time to make the right decisions. Defensively, Dallas is making life troublesome for opposing quarterbacks with Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware living in the backfield.

Romo has been the main ingredient for the team’s solid late-season play. He seems unflappable, which has been a huge departure from his past. He relies heavily on tight end Jason Witten and No. 1 wideout Miles Austin with good reason. Romo is taking few gambles with his throws, and that ball security has been a big reason for Dallas’ late-season success.

It’s a deep run through the playoffs — or bust — for this evolving team.

Time to End the Drought

It’s probably been burned into your brain by now, but its hard to believe the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game was on December 28, 1996. Its really hard to imagine.

Someone asked me when the last time they won in the playoffs the other day and I said 1996, then all of a sudden it dawned on me, my son was born in 1996. My son is now a teenager and even though it seems like he was a baby only yesterday, it hurts to say that the Cowboys have not won a playoff game in his lifetime.

We’ve had some memorable moments and some incredible players who probably deserved to compete in the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. Some of them have, after they moved on to other teams.

This year may be the year. Its kind of a fairy tale story if you think about it. We lose our number one receiver, one of the best in the game, along with several defensive key players. There was also the tragic freak accident in Valley Ranch back in May when our practice facility collapsed. Mid-season we were having trouble both on offense and defense and many thought the team was falling apart. Just recently we had to replace a very important player because he just wasn’t getting the job done.

All of these things would usually lead to the downfall of any team in any sport. But not these Cowboys.

These Cowboys have heart. They want to win, and they are making it happen.

I don’t know about you but I’m really proud of these guys. They never gave up, even when the front pages reminded us of past Decembers, and now they have clinched a spot in the playoffs.

The season finale means a lot to us fans, and the players too I am sure, but no matter the outcome we will be playing beyond Week 17. We definitely seek payback for the shame they bestowed upon us. The numbers 44-6 will haunt us forever, but we need to show them how the Cowboys finish things in the grand o’ state of Texas. We can’t let them relive that game in any way shape or form.

With the Cowboys and Eagles both securing playoff spots, this game is personal. Yes, it can also give us the division championship title and home field advantage and those are important but I think above all its about evening the score. We have already beat the Eagles once this season, lets go for the sweep! There’s something about the last game of the season, you just want to go out on top… especially when its a hated division rival.

Its time to say goodbye to the playoff drought we’ve sadly become accustomed to, its time to take it to the next level. And come February hopefully my son can say he’s witnessed a Cowboys playoff victory!

The Cowboys Are Playoff Bound!

Oh what a great feeling it is! The Cowboys are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs after tonight’s win over the Redskins, no matter what happens next week against the Eagles.

Orlando Scandrick

Even though it really seemed like the Redskins gave up long before the game ended, the Cowboys definitely deserve their spot in the post season. From the beginning of the season until last week, no one (outside of the Cowboys faithful) believed this team could go anywhere and here they are, in control of their own destiny.

The only thing left to decide is home field advantage and the division title. It all comes down to the last game of the season, once again, versus the hate Eagles but this time at home in our house!

Things to Note:

– Its the first time in 5 years that the Cowboys have swept the Redskins.

– If the Cowboys beat the Eagles next week they secure home field advantage. If the Vikings lose, the Cowboys, Eagles or Packers could earn the first round bye week.

– The game next week has been moved from noon to 3:15 p.m., the NFL moved the Jets – Ravens game to prime time over the Cowboys – Eagles game. (Big mistake in my opinion.)

Taking Care Of Bussiness…

Sportscasters and sports journalist everywhere are making way too much about what needs to happen for the Dallas Cowboys to clinch a spot in this season’s post season.

I don’t really know why these things have to be so overly complicated to the point of utter confusion…

The bottom line is this…


The Dallas Cowboys are in control of their own destiny.

They have tonight’s game against the Washington Redskins and next week’s finale at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is the magic formula…

If the Cowboys win these last two games of the season, not only will they clinch a playoff berth, but they would also secure first place atop the NFC East division.

Now if by some small chance the Cowboys do fail to win tonight, something that I find very unlikely, we’ll worry about the ramifications another day. For now, just keep the optimism levels up, stay away from the doomsday fans, and stop listening to Keyshawn Johnson and all the rest of them clowns on Fox and ESPN.

Lets Go Cowboys!

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