Poll Results: Key Position Battles

At the beginning of Training Camp we asked this question:

Which of these key position battles do you think will be the most interesting?

Poll ResultsThe results were a dead heat between Jenkins/Scandrick (38%) and Crayton/Austin (38%).  In third place was the battle at offensive guard position with Kyle Kosier and Montrae Holland who received 15% of the votes. Finally, linebackers Bobby Carpenter and Jason Williams received a measly 8%.

This poll is full of so much irony. In the end Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick have been told they are both starters who will alternate starts and playing time. Miles Austin didn’t really show us that he deserves to start over vet Patrick Crayton. Kosier and Holland?… boring. Bobby Carpenter and Jason Williams, well that was easily answered when Williams got injured.

Maybe we should have had a 5th choice between Isaiah Stanback and Kevin Ogletree, but who knew?

New poll: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Poll Results: What You Will Miss The Most

Poll Results: What are you going to miss the most this season?


I was looking to have a little bit of fun with this poll in the downtime of the off season right before Training Camp got rolling. The answer was obvious before the poll was created, while 58% of voters agreed that they will miss Texas Stadium the most, 42% picked a different answer.

A lot of fans really enjoyed getting their popcorn ready and it showed when 32% of you voted. Sadly not many fans will miss screaming for Superman (Roy Williams), Pacman Fever (Adam Jones) or Johnson & Johnson (Brad Johnson and Tank Johnson).

The hardest part of being a football fan is getting attached to players and then watching them go to a different team. But unfortunately its part of the game. Indefinite loyalty has to belong to the team, not the player. Don’t get me wrong, you can follow other players and respect them, however when it comes down to it your support it has to be with the team.

Fans have gotten even more attached to the landmark that has not let our team down since 1971. Leaving the only home that most fans will definitely take some getting used to. But it sure makes it easier when you move into a brand new state-of-the-art billion dollar home. All the memories will serve us well and hopefully our team will begin making new glorious memories this season. Texas Stadium you have served us well; Cowboys Stadium now its your turn!


With training camp getting underway this week, here is a more serious question for fans…

New Poll:Which of these key position battles do you think will be most interesting?

Please place your votes in the poll section on the right column.

Poll Results: ’08 Draft Class

Poll Results: Which player from the Draft Class of ’08 will make the biggest impact this season?


Wow! What a close poll. Basically Mike Jenkins (36%) and Felix Jones (37%) were elected to make the biggest impact this upcoming season out of the players from the Draft Class of 2008. Tashard Choice came in third with 14% of the votes, which is interesting since he’s our third string running back. Martellus Bennett took 8%, while Orlando Scandrick had 6%.

Looks like LSS readers believed Mike Jenkins when he said he was the starting cornerback last week. Jenkins and Scandrick will go into training camp competing for that starting role, but many, including Jenkins, believe its already in the bag.

Jenkins was drafted in the first round as the Cowboys second pick back in 2008. While Scandrick went in Round 5. We all know draft position doesn’t mean more than the production numbers. If you look back at 2008, Jenkins had 19 tackles and one interception in 14 games last season. Scandrick had 36 tackles and 1 sack in 16 games. It should be an interesting battle to say the least during camp and preseason.

What else can I say about my man Felix Jones! Everyone knows he’s going to shine this year. He was totally ripped off last season, and only injury destroyed his chance of clinching rookie of the year. The Cowboys are excited about a healthy Felix Jones as well. We’ve heard everything from Wildcat formation to going back to the split carries reminiscent of the Julius Jones/Marion Barber tandem in ’07. Expect Felix to do amazing things in 2009!

In my opinion the Cowboys running game will be one of the most exciting things about the 2009-10 football season. The thought of adding Tashard Choice in the Barber/Jones mix makes me giddy. We had the pleasure of seeing what Choice has to offer while Marion and Felix were out last season, and he wowed us all the way to the goal line.

No one can deny the power and talent of Martellus Bennett. Some predict many two tight end sets with Bennett lining up with veteran Jason Witten.

The 2008 Draft had to be one of the most successful drafts in Cowboys history. These guys are going to be stars for years to come. The truth is all five of the players featured in this poll will impact our team this upcoming season. 


I wanted to have some fun with the next poll…

New Poll: What are you going to miss the most this season?

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Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results

Here are the results of last week’s poll question which asked…

Which of these players would be missed most, if they missed the season opener?

I don’t think it was much of a surprise that 62% of you chose Terence Newman over Terry Glenn, who came in a distant second with only 30%. The Cowboy’s secondary has been a source of great concern this off season and pre season. For the Cowboys to succeed on defense, they will need a healthy Terence Newman to be effective.

Well it’s that time of the year again where we ask you the fans how you think the Dallas Cowboys will do this season!

By now, most of you have already looked at the new schedule and have a few ideas about how tough or how easy the Cowboys will have it this year.

Last year the majority of you were dead on accurate with the number of wins you predicted. Let’s see how good you can do this time!

Here is the question…

How Many Regular Season Games Will The Cowboys Win This Season?

1. 12 or more games

2. 10-11 games

3. 8-9 games

4. 6-7 games

5. 5 games or less

There you go! Get your predictions in, and next week around this time, we will let you know the results.

Go Cowboys!

Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results

Hi Cowboys fans!
Here are the results of last weeks poll which asked the question:
How Long Should Our First String Players Play In The Last Two Pre-Sesaon Game?

Only 12% of the voters thought that the Cowboys’ regulars should play past the second quarter.
An overwhelming 89% of the voters said to “yank them” by the end of the first half. It’s probably best that the Cowboys play it safe from here on out. I’m actually hoping that our guys on offense don’t play more than one series on Thursday.
This week, we were wondering how you felt about some of the players that are already going through some injuries of their own.
Which of the these players would be missed most if the miss the season opener?
1. Terry Glenn
2. Terence Newman
3. Greg Ellis
4. Anthony Fasano
It’s kind of an interesting question to think about because at least three of them bring something big to the table. I have an idea on who I would pick, and I look forward to seeing if I am on the same page as most of you.

Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results


What should the Cowboys do with Greg Ellis?

Last week we asked you what you thought about the Greg Ellis situation and the results were quite surprising as only 31% of you felt we should even keep him. Or to put it another way, Ellis has got a disapproval rating of close to 70% dissatisfied Cowboys fans that either want him released, traded or retired. (And George Bush thought he had problems!)

This week we would like your opinion on a somewhat debatable issue.
In light of all the recent season-ending, pre-season game injuries around the league…
How long should our first string players play in the last two pre-season games?
1. One Quarter
2. The First Half
3. Three Quarters
4. The Entire Game
Let us know what you think Cowboys fans. Should we put them in and pull them out early, or should they man up and play the whole game.
You can vote once a day.

Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results

Here are the results of last weeks poll which asked: Who will be the Cowboys Defensive MVP?

No surprise here, DeMarcus Ware wins in a landslide with 61% of the votes! Roy Williams was in a distant second place with 29%.
Now for this weeks question.
As you all know, I am a diehard Cowboys fan. I "almost" always back our players 100% and I always give them the benefit of the doubt. I say almost because one of our players is really starting to get on my nerves.
Of course I’m talking about linebacker Greg Ellis.
I am not going to give you the blow by blow on all of his antics in the past 12 months, because I am sure all of you have heard his selfish comments and grown tired of his negative swipes at the team and the management.
This weeks poll question goes to the heart of the matter.
What should the Cowboys do with Greg Ellis?
1. Keep him and ignore his crazy antics.

2. Release him before things get uglier.

3. Trade him and shore up Special Teams.

4. Doesn’t matter he’s probably going to retire.

5. Fine him for his comments against the team.

Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results


Here are the results of last weeks StarStruck Cowboys Poll which asked the question…

Which Of These Players Will Emerge With A Breakout Year This Season?

It looks like Cowboys fans are expecting a big year from wide receiver, Patrick Crayton this season. Patrick grabbed 43% of all the votes, with Linebacker Bobby Carpenter coming in a distant second with 28% of the votes. Personally I think both will have solid seasons this year, but my choice is Bobby Carpenter to really emerge and make his presence felt this season.

This week we will focus on the defensive side of the ball and ask…

Who Will Be The Cowboys Defensive MVP This Season?

1. Marcus Spears

2. DeMarcus Ware

3. Terence Newman

4. Roy Williams

Tell us who you think will lead the defense this season for our Cowboys.

Enjoy the game on Thursday night!


Dallas Cowboys Weekly Poll Results

Hi Cowboys fans!
Here are the results of our first Cowboys Poll of the new season. Last week we asked you…
What Do You Think Of The Cowboys Off Season Moves?

I am not surprised that 83 percent of you thought the Cowboys had a pretty darn good off season. Given the fact that we had to replace Bill Parcells and most of the coaching staff, I think we did alright with the new coaching regime. We also added some high profile players and locked in some of our stars to contract extensions as well. The word is that our top draft pick is in camp and he is turning some heads with his play and just signed a new contract. Not bad for the Cowboys, not bad at all.
This week we opened training camp as we prepare for a new season of Cowboys football!
Last season we had a few players that started to come into their own and showed us some flashes of big play ability. With that in mind, here is this weeks question.
Which Of These Players Will Emerge With A Breakout Year This Season?
1. Bobby Carpenter
2. Miles Austin
3. Sam Hurd
4. Patrick Crayton
5. Tyson Thompson
Cast your vote Cowboys fans and lets us know who you think will step up this season and become StarStruck!