Coming Out Party

How many of you out there are familiar with the film “Gangs of New York”? There was a scene were both gangs would stand across from one another face to face, ready to go to war. Those standoffs happen all the time during rivalry week. In 1999, I made it known to the world that I was a proud Dallas Cowboys fan. I’ve been riding with them since 1992 but in a Redskins house, I was quiet and I didn’t want to tell my father. I got the power to tell him days before the season opener; Dallas vs. Washington at the then Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.

September 12, 1999 was my coming out party. That week at school was hectic. Monday to Wednesday was like any other day before the football season starts. Predictions, trash talk, and fist fights. Yes, fist fights. The Cowboys-Redskins rivalry isn’t as intense as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. Yeah, tell that to the fans. The DC area is a Crockpot of Redskins and Cowboys fans stewing in the same water. The fist fights were not only in the high schools, it was in the streets, bars…pick a place. I’m getting off topic, back to my school. It was the first time in my life I was not only around Cowboys fan, but we also outnumbered the Skins fans. Trust me, if this ever happens to you, take full advantage of it.

After three days of babbling back and forth, on Thursday the colors, jerseys, hats, headbands, airbrushed t-shirts…it was wonderful, I kind of felt bad for the Steelers and Eagles fans at the school. That’s right, during rivalry week your team doesn’t matter! That day after school, I took the bus to the mall. While there I walked into Head2Head, the only shop in the area that sold Cowboys merchandise. With my McDonalds check I bought a custom made Cowboys headband with the number #8 and #22 on it. Then I brought my very first Cowboys jersey, Michael Irvin. That Friday morning I walked out the house with my Dad’s jaw on the ground. Me wearing all my Cowboys gear with pride. My Dad yells “My son is a (Bleeping) Cowboys fan?” Then when he saw the jersey he said “Anyone but Irvin!”

That day at school several times the fans had a standoff full of yelling, spitting, and cursing. Fights happen and friends didn’t talk. That Sunday me and my dad were cheering for our own team. Sadly, this was a bonding experience, and it was fun. With all of this, we get the drama of overtime. Troy Aikman saved the day by bombing a big one to Rocket Ismail. One of the biggest overtime wins for opening day was my first game a true blue Cowboys fan. I loved and followed the team since 1992 and I called myself a fan in secret. September 12, 1999; the second the game started my blood turned Blue and Silver and it has been that way since.

Forever a Cowboy! Let’s Go Cowboys!

Rivalry Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe It

To some Cowboys fans it doesn’t get much worse than the Washington Redskins, to others its the New York Giants. While those are intense games and definitely rivalries, the Philadelphia Eagles are the team that really boils my blood.

Roy WilliamsI won’t go on and on about the Michael Irvin injury story that broke hearts all over America, although it really is the true root of my hatred. I won’t even talk about the infamous horse collar and Roy Williams slamming Donovan McNabb down to the ground with all his might. Rest assured I won’t mention the name that added fuel to the fire only a few years ago.

All we really have to do is go back 314 days ago when the Philadelphia Eagles crushed our dreams of making the playoffs. We had already beaten them that same season on Monday Night Football in a damn good game for the entire country to witness. All the Cowboys had to do was win and they were in. Unfortunately it never happened, not even close.

I will admit to you right here and now, I cried my eyes out. I’m not afraid to admit it. I guarantee you there were many holes punched in walls and coffee tables smashed, and sure enough even televisions destroyed.

I don’t know how we moved on from that day, but we did.

This Sunday is the day the Cowboys have been waiting for all year long. It has been 44 weeks and 6 days since the most lopsided loss in Cowboys history, oh those haunting numbers, 44-6.

Maybe the Eagles and their lowly fans have that cold day in December of ’08, but the Cowboys still own the Eagles. Sunday will mark the 100th meeting the two NFC East teams, with the Cowboys coming out on top, 55-44.

Hey, not to mention our five Super Bowl victories to their zero. Yeah that’s the die-hard fan pride coming out in me.

It’s going to be a big game that’s for sure. Is the season riding on it? Possibly. The Cowboys and Eagles and Giants are running a tight race to lead the division, leaving the Redskins in the dirt. Every game counts and division match-ups are the toughest games period.

Dallas is riding on a three game winning streak and Tony Romo has won 12 consecutive starts in November.

Cowboys EaglesInterestingly enough the Cowboys have fond memories of playing the Eagles during Week 9 of the season. Back in the glory years on the 90’s, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles back to back in ’92 and ’93. And only two years ago when the Cowboys finished the year 13-3, they defeated the Eagles 38-17. All in all the ‘Boys are 6-2 during Week 9 over the Eagles.

But honestly, the only numbers that will matter Sunday night is the final score when the time clock runs out. Us Cowboy fans know that. We know that statistics are fun and trash talk is inevitable, but in the end anything can happen… any given Sunday.

It won’t be an easy game by any means. Do we have a chance? Hell yeah we do.

I want Tony Romo leading the way, Keith Brooking firing up the ‘D’ and DeMarcus Ware looking to catch up on his sacks. Miles Austin will be truly tested and Roy Williams definitely has something to prove. Jason Witten is due for a major breakout game as well. Be confident but stay focused.

So get ready for the Sunday night show, fasten your seat belts its going to be a wild ride!

And one last thing, a message to all the Eagle fans out there – Payback is a bitch!

What Team Do We Hate The Most?

What team do we hate the most?  The Redskins, Eagles, Giants, or some other team? After my last blog was ambushed by an Eagles fan it made me wonder what team do we dislike the most? I have contemplated back and forth of which team. Maybe all of them (just kidding). In my opinion, I say the Washington Redskins.

The Washington Redskins have been our rival from the beginning. Over a song. Every game we play against them is intense. Plus I think Redskins fans are obnoxious. Last year the Deadskins got a cheap win. They missed a field goal when the judges called it good. I dont know if that changed the season outcome or not, but the win-loss record would have been changed and the Eagles game wouldn’t have mattered.

Speaking of the Phliadelphia Eagles… I cant stand them either. I will make this short with them. When you win even just ONE ring then we will talk. Till then shut up and hope your team does well this year without a good defense.

The New York Football Giants… I really don’t have too much of a big beef against them. I will admit they are a talented group, but Eli looks like a poster child for retardation, the way he holds his mouth open. My girlfriend and I make fun of him and the way he looks. Two years ago when they won the Super Bowl, that was a hard year. The Cowboys being 13-3 going into the Giants game. If we could learn how to tackle the outcome would have been different. I keep replaying in my mind the missed tackle of Plaxico. You know which one I am talking about. Also the dropped pass to Crayton. Oh well, that was 2 years ago.

Then there are other teams. Pittsburgh, since they have 6 rings now. Or maybe the Patriots, with Brady back now watch out for them. Are there other teams I left out? Yeah, I did. But if it comes down to it, the Redskins I can’t stand.

When my little bundle of joy is born, I have an onesie that will say, “I have been just been born and I already hate the Redskins” – very funny. Until then – How ’bout them Cowboys!

Sleeping with the Enemy

As I was going to pick up my friend from the doctor I was wearing my brand new Jason Witten throwback jersey with some new jeans. It’s 90 degrees but I didn’t care. I hopped into my father in-law’s minivan and started up the van. Hanging from the rear-mirror was a large Cowboys medallion connect from silver and blue beads. It was large enough for others to see. In fact I was honked at by a fellow Cowboys fan and given the finger by a Redskin fan.

All was good until I heard, “Hell yeah, 6 rings baby”. Which was yelled at me by a guy in a tricked out Hummer. The reason he said that was flying high on my father in-laws van was a large Pittsburgh Steelers flag. That’s right folks, my lovely wife is and always will be a Steelers fan.

I am not the only husband/wife/bf/gf that has a loved one who loves another team. In fact, to my dismay I never had a partner that liked the Cowboys. I broke up with a girl who was Redskins fan, she hated the Cowboys that bad. I wish I could lie to you about that.

In the nation’s capital it’s already about 55% Skins fan to 40% Cowboys fans and the other 5% is a mesh of Steeler, Ravens, Eagles, Giants, 49ers and Vikings fans. So the chance you’ll end up with someone who doesn’t like your team will happen.Who knew that “What football team do you like?” would have to be a requirement to date someone in D.C.

Now I must say you have to draw the line somewhere with your better half and…kinda like their team. Hey, there’s no way around it. My wife is in love with Demarcus Ware and Marion Barber. She’s trying to make me get dreadlocks so I can look like Marion. Lucky for her I have tough skin (due to dealing with Skins fans) so all of her family’s rants on how the Steelers owned the Cowboys in the 70’s doesn’t hurt me. And to be frank I am jealous of the Steelers. They have a better coach and defense, and the bigger slap in the face, they have one more ring then us. But, I love the Samoan Headhunt.

I’ve seen relationships like this and I laugh because it’s fun. My friend wife is a Redskins fan. I mean a BIG Redskins fan. She dressed up her son as a “Mini-Hog”. Man did that piss him off. But it all comes back to one thing, love.

If you love your better half you will put up with all of that. Even if she bought you a shirt that said “We have 6, you got 5, we win again”. You know what, I take that back. I hate my wife. Let’s go Boys’!!!

Gotta Love A Rivalry

The true essence of the NFL is the rivalries. I love the games where both teams hate one another. The tackles are harder, the crowd is louder and the drama…man I love it. It’s the true beauty of the NFL in my opinion. Lucky for me the Cowboys have a few rivalries, and to be very honest that makes my Sunday even better.

Our lesser rivals are the Texans and the Packers. An in-state rivalry is always good and I like it but it’s not one. I was shocked like everyone else when we lost the first game to the Texans, I wanted a rivalry out of this. But it’s just a Governor’s Cup and nothing more.

The Packers vs. the Boys’ started back in the 60’s. In fact we had one of the most famous games ever, “The Ice Bowl”. What’s really amazing is that every now and again we face one another in the playoffs. Need less to say, our face-offs are usually the games of the week.

Now before my time, one of our close rival was the L.A. Rams. We met this team in the playoffs more then any other team, two of them being NFC Championship games. It has faded off but you never know.

One rival I know a lot of Cowboys from California have to deal with is the 49ers’. Is it me or does it seem the only reason there are 49ers’ fans is so they can piss us off? Really? This rivalry started in the early 70’s when we kicked their butts 3 years in a row in the playoffs. One of them being Staubach’s two touchdowns in less then two minutes. Then in 1981, a play that haunts one of my friends dreams to this day, “The Catch”. Since that catch both teams have played cat & mouse with one and another. Us beating them in the Championship and vice-versa. And of course T.O. and the star. Why did we let him on our team again?

The one rival I respect and on the whole kinda like is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are Yin and Yang of one another. Hollywood vs. Blue-Collar. I learned that the fans on each side hate one another but it’s a lot love inside the hate. On the field is almost the same thing. To this day, both teams greatest games were against one another. Losing to them twice in the Super Bowl and beating them years later with both teams having the same passion. Despite all of the heartbreak and glory of this rivalry, I respect them. We’re tied 15-15. I want a tie breaker and I want in at the Super Bowl.

The team I hate the most is the New York Giants. Ever since I became a Cowboy fan, I hated the Giants. This rivalry is more focused on bragging rights and getting a 1-up on the other. The games we have are tough but it’s more of a trash talking if anything. Either way I hate them.

The Eagles are in all essence have been a thorn in our sides since the 70’s and they refuse to leave us alone. I take this team more seriously then any other team we face. Since the 1981 this NFC East rival has given us the blues and we have done the same to them. Mostly all of it comes from the Philly fans who for some reason don’t realize their the only team in the NFC East who hasn’t won a Super Bowl yet. From Buddy Ryan placing a bounty on Luis Zendejas; to us getting glory in the early 90’s; to Jimmy Johnson cussing at the Philly fans; to Michael Irvin being cheered off the field motionless; to Roy Williams horse-collaring T.O.; and to last years vicious beat down we received…wow. I have to be honest, that’s a rivalry.

Finally, last but not least comes the Washington Redskins. We all know the story so why say anything? Philly is one thing, but the hate between the Cowboys and Redskins is endless. John Madden called this the “Greatest Rivalry in the NFL.” Since both teams met up for the first time we hated each other. It’s our personal Super Bowl every year. There is no greater feeling in the world then a victory over the Redskins. It’s like a kiss from God. We could have the worst record in the league but if win one game or both games against them…sorry…I just became speechless. I will get into my hate of the Skins’ in a another blog.

This is why I love football. Everything matters in these games and everyone knows it. Whether it be a win or a lose, it adds to the story. It adds fuel to the fire.  Players, coaches and the fans all feel the same thing. Damn I love Cowboys.

Cowboys 2009 Opponents And My Predictions

Well I have decided to list our 2009 opponents and my win and loss predictions even if the case is that the dates have not been released for the games.


New York Giants-W

Philadelphia Eagles-W

Washington Redskins-L

Atlanta Falcons-W

Carolina Panthers-L

Seattle Seahawks-W

Oakland Raiders-W

San Diego Chargers- L


New York Giants-L

Philadelphia Eagles-W

Washington Redskins-W

New Orleans Saints-W

Tampa Bay Buccaners-W

Green Bay Packers-L

Denver Broncos-W

Kansas City Chiefs-W

My predicted record: 11-5.

I see us sweeping Philly because our rivalry with them hit a new high at the end of last season. Well for the 5 losses I predict let me explain those to you. Washington will beat us at home because they are our toughest divison opponents ever no matter what the records of either are or what players are on the teams and I just see that being our first loss at our new stadium.

Carolina I dont think that we will be able to contain Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams because Carolina mixes the pass and run so fluidly in my opinion.

San Diego only one name needs to be said Darren Sproiles, I believe he is just to quick and elusive and will tear us apart because he is not some over-hyped running back like we usually face and stop.

New York Giants just dont think we can sweep them this year cant really explain why though but I do know that Chris Canty is one reason.

Green Bay they just always pose a threat and it is one of our greatest non-divisonal rivals and we’ve beat them the past two years and I just feel that they will have our number this year.

Well thats how I feel about 2009. Let me know how you feel about my opinion and what your opinion is by commenting. I look foward to seeing what you guys think.