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Never Miss A Game – A Series of Cowboys Schedule Graphics

I proudly present to you our first series of Cowboys 2011 Schedule graphics. You can see all 10 new graphics in our graphics gallery – click here.

Designs include:


Save them, collect them, print them. Use one on your website, put one on your fridge, tack one on your bulletin board, or keep one in your wallet.

Hope you enjoy, and there’s more to come!


All times on graphics are Central Time and (like anything in the NFL) are subject to change.

Video: Full Metal Cowboy’s 2011 Season Prediction

It’s that time again. Full Metal Cowboy brings you his rundown on the 2011 Cowboys Schedule.

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Hard To Believe It’s Only Been 50 Years

It certainly is hard to believe the Dallas Cowboys have only been around for 50 years. When you think about it 50 years isn’t that long. Heck, it was enough time for our team to win five Super Bowls. It took the New Orleans Saints longer to get just one and the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 years longer to get six.

1960, the year our beloved Dallas Cowboys were born, was a very memorable year. The announcement that 3,500 troops would be sent to Vietnam was made in March of 1960. The great John F. Kennedy was elected president in November, and ironically later was assassinated in Dallas only three years later. The U.S. launched the very first weather satellite. Ben-Hur won a record breaking eleven Oscars.

In 50 short years the Cowboys have become the highest valued sports team with a worth of approximately $1.65 billion. They are also the wealthiest team earning $269 million a year, in great part of it’s enormous fan base spanning not only the United States but the entire world.

If that’s not a jaw dropper then Emmitt Smith isn’t a Hall of Famer. 😉

Here’s to another great 50 years of football to come, and as Tony Romo would say, “Enjoy the journey!”

Below is the graphic of the day, a nice schedule graphic – Cowboys celebrating 50 years.

New Graphics: 2010 Schedules

The schedules were released last night and I have to ask you, was it worth the anticipation? Hell yeah it was. This quiet offseason is killin’ us Die Hards, isn’t it?

Driving to work yesterday rocking out to Octane XM, the DJ asked, remember when the release of the NFL schedule was no big deal and the draft wasn’t either and now they are both in primetime?

Hey it is what it is, but we crave football! Any tiny bit of coverage we can get and we jump all over it!

Which probably explains why I worked nearly 12 hours yesterday and came home and designed new schedule graphics all night.

Well, here they are – nine new designs for your pleasure. Take ’em, post ’em, print ’em – whatever you do I hope you love ’em!

Click here to see them all – All New 2010 Schedules

2010 Preseason Schedule Released

As this off-season slowly moves there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of news coming out of Dallas. With the draft still three weeks away I’ll take any news I can get. Today the preseason schedule was released.

Aug 8th. Dallas vs Cincinnati in the Hall of Fame game.

Week 1. Date has not been set.  Oakland at Dallas

Week 2. Date has not been set. Dallas at San Diego

Week 3. Aug 28th. Dallas at Houston

Week 4. Date has not been set. Miami at Dallas

In the next two weeks the entire regular season schedule should be released.

We’re Halfway To The Promised Land

I took a good look at the remaining games in our schedule last night and decided that our two remaining big challenges will come against the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. We still have four games remaining against our divisional foes; two against the Redskins and one each against the Eagles and Giants. Sandwiched in between all of that is what should be a laugher against the Oakland Raiders.

With just eight games remaining, I figure that we need to win at least five of those games to clinch the wild card, six to clinch the division and seven to clinch the bye. The only games that have me a little worried are the two matchups against the Saints and Chargers.

A win in Green Bay would be another huge hurdle toward getting to the promised land. The benefit of being all alone in first place means that we control our own destiny. But, as the Giants have already shown, a teams hold on first place can be very fragile.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys are about to embark on a big opportunity to dispel the growing myth that the Cowboys always fold when it’s crunch time. Our detractors say we haven’t been able to close the deal in the last three seasons, and to a point they are right. However, the schedule makers have rewarded us with a somewhat easy task the rest of the way. As long as we remain focused and committed, we should be able to see this through.

Most of the burden will rest clearly on the shoulders of Tony Romo. But unlike the last three years, Romo is clearly the leader of this team and not some loudmouth selfish wide receiver.

A win in Lambeau Field today may help build the cushion we need to keep the Eagles and Giants at bay. Although both teams are struggling now, all of that can change quickly. After all it wasn’t long ago that we were the team floundering in the NFC East.

I became aware of an interesting stat that said both Tony Romo and Aaron Rogers are tied for the NFL lead in completions of 40 or more yards. It should be quite an show today as both teams air it out. Look for big games from Austin and Williams, and lets hope that our boys in the secondary find themselves in all the right places.

Enjoy the game and Go Cowboys!

And So It Begins

Dallas totally took apart Seattle just like they did Atlanta last week, complete with sacks, Tony Romo with no turnovers and a punt return TD by Patrick Crayton. Now if these last 2 weeks have not been the definition of complete, I want to know what the heck is. Sitting at 5-2, first place in the division and a date with rival Philly next Sunday night the Cowboys have to have a short memory not only about their recent success but also about that 44-6 drumming they took last year in week 17.

The Cowboys are riding high right now and all the fans are coming out of hiding. In the coming weeks I am positive this team will face adversity because the schedule is only going to get tougher.

(In no particular order)
@ Philadelphia Eagles
@ & vs. Washington Redskins
@ New York Giants
@ New Orleans Saints
vs. San Diego Chargers
@ Green Bay Packers

Dallas will face hard times traveling to these cities late in the season. So we as fans need to prepare ourselves for this and stick by Dallas. All is good right now because the team is playing like we all envisioned they could play, but when they start struggling we need to be there too.

First place is on the line, just like last year when the final playoff spot was up for grabs. Dallas needs to win this game as they head into a very tough spot in their schedule. They will need to win this game to keep ahead of the Eagles. It’s also crucial to stay confident going into Green Bay, and later facing the Redskins (who almost always give us a run for our money no matter what the record is).

Let’s take care of business this week and win in Philly!

*****GO COWBOYS*****

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