Folk Gets the Boot and Suisham Gets the Nod

Shaun SuishamAs reported by several local sources, Nick Folk has been cut by the Dallas Cowboys. Shaun Suisham has been signed. You might remember him from a few years back. Redskins recently cut Suisham after he missed a 23-yarder.

Its good the Cowboys made a move, I just wish there were more options out there. Let’s hope Suisham makes the most of it his second time around.

Many fans were calling for Folk’s head after his miss last Saturday night after he missed a routine 24 yard field goal. Folk has made only 18 out of 28 field goals this season.

Suisham had made 18 of 21 FG attempts before being cut by Washington two weeks ago.

Ironically, Suisham will get to return to FedEx Field Sunday when the Cowboys travel to Washington.


Our own Joe D. predicted there would be open tryouts on Monday, great call!

Hat tip to TD and Nate the Cowboy Ninja for promptly shooting me the news.

Dallas Signs New Kicker, Plus Injury News

It is being reported by ESPN that the Cowboys have signed Shaun Suisham to be their new kicker. Suisham kicked in six games for the Cowboys in 2005-06. His most recent kicking job was with the Redskins this season. With the Redskins Suisham was 18 out of 21 on field goals, but his three misses were in games the Redskins could have won. One was against the Saints a few weeks back which caused his release and two were against the Cowboys when Dallas pulled off the victory with a last minute touchdown and won 7-6.

Now Suisham gets to return to FedEx field this Sunday night to go against the Redskins. It is not yet known what will happen to Nick Folk. I’ve heard reports that the Cowboys may put Folk on IR because of his off-season hip surgery. The Cowboys may know something that others do not concerning the hip and would rather not release him knowing how automatic he once was at still a very young age. In recent weeks the Cowboys have replaced holder Matt McBriar for Tony Romo in hope that it would help. In the Saints game we all must have felt a little better when Folk kicked a 44 yard field goal in the second quarter. But then in the fourth quarter Folk missed a 24 yard field goal that would have sealed the game.

Injury Update

Looks like offensive tackle Marc Colombo could be making his return this season. If the Cowboys earn a spot in the playoffs Colombo could make it make back for a Wildcard game.

Colombo is trying to come back from a fractured fibula and torn ligaments in his left ankle suffered against the Packers. Colombo also said that it wouldn’t be pain that stops him from returning, but it would be strength. He has been working out and rehabbing since his surgery. If he regains his strength it looks like he will try to play again. If Colombo can’t come back, then Doug Free will continue to be the starter. Free has done a very nice job as the starter the last five games.