One Game Down, 15 To Go

The Dallas Cowboys went into week one with many questions, but the biggest probably being could they replace the big plays lost with the release of Owens? Well with a 66-yard TD to Roy Williams, a 42-yard pass to Miles Ausitin, and an 80-yard td to Patrick Crayton, I would say it was replaced this game.

Our 3-headed running attack looked really good also. Tashard Choice and Felix Jones were a very good change of pace to Marion Barber who racked up 79 yards.

I do have a couple problems with our defense. If we have safeties back helping deep what sense does it make to have our corners play almost 10 yards off the line of scrimmage every down? We are being killed in the flat and on short out and slant routes. This is partly because they are so far away that when the reciever catches the ball they have to fly up and usually miss the tackle. In my opinion this should be changed. It has been the same thing the last few years and it kills us.

But overall it was very impressive to see our team go down to Tampa and drop 34 points on the road. As the game went on, the defense did tackle alot better than in the first quarter.

It looks like we can definitely challenge for this division title.

Around the NFL

Mathew Stafford played his first NFL game yesterday and threw it alot. Unfortunately he threw it to the Saints defense three separate times and finished with zero touchdowns and only 205 yards. I think Stafford is realizing now that the NFL is a totally different beast than college. Calvin Johnson did have a pretty good day even though he was kept out of the endzone.

Mark Sanchez went down to Houston and systematically took apart the Texans defense. Even though he threw a pick, he also threw a TD and finished with 272 yards in his NFL debut.

Michael Vick might actually become the starting quarterback for Philly, a lot sooner than anybody expected. On a TD run in Carolina, Donovan McNabb slid into the endzone and got hit in his back. McNabb immediately started rolling in extreme pain. Broken ribs is the official word out of Philly and that just isn’t good news for a team who has Super Bowl aspirations.

More fun from Tashard Choice featuring Marcus Spears

Here is the latest video from Tashard Choice. Can not decide if it’s the video that is funny or it’s the laughing from the other players that makes me laugh more.

Thursday Camp Notes

The Cowboys are already in camp 9 days and their first preseason game is in one week against the Raiders. The news coming out of camp has been boring, which I for one love. No drama, no controversies. Just everyone practicing and focusing on what needs to be done to get better.

A few items that stood out to me from today…

Choice’s Shoulder

Tashard Choice is being held out of practice due to a sore shoulder. Its being reported that the injury is not serious, but that Choice will need a few days off. The MRI taken came back negative and Choice plans on playing next week against the Raiders.

“I’ll be day-to-day, maybe on ice for a couple days,” Choice said. They didn’t want me to do anything today. Take it easy, there’s no point in really pushing it in training camp.”

“It’s banged and bruised, so they’ve got me relaxing, man,” Choice said. “They’ve just got me relaxing a day or so until I feel like I’m able to come back.”

Ref’s arriving for practice

Good news considering how many times the Cowboys have been penalized the last few seasons, and most of the time at the worst possible times. Today the officials watched the kickoff returns, red zone and goal line. The good news is that  very few flags were thrown it was reported.

Romo needed a break today

Tony Romo was seen running off the field this afternoon during goal line drills as reported by He was in such a hurry that he tossed the ball to a field judge who wasn’t ready for it and the ball hit him in the face. No injury was reported and it turned out that Romo just needed a bathroom break.

Colombo and Davis lead the way

When the Cowboys need a first down that is the direction they run like this afternoon during goal line runs as reported by Marion Barber followed Mark Colombo and Leonard Davis on the first two plays. I think that is a smart choice and safe choice to follow those two guys.

Another small fight

Deon Anderson and Pat Watkins got into a small fight during practice as reported by It was Mark Colombo who was the first one in to make sure things were all right.

No news on Ware’s contract

Nothing new to report on getting DeMarcus Ware a new contract and it may not be done before the season starts. It’s a good thing that Ware is a true professional and won’t discuss any contract news or even threaten any holdouts.

“We’re in the process, but we don’t have those kinds of deadlines as far as time,” said Jerry Jones, who declined to discuss specifics of the negotiations with agent Pat Dye Jr. “Never do, never put that on, but we’re working as we should be with his agent to move it forward.”

Huh!!! What exactly does that last part mean? Come Jerry, let’s get this thing done. DeMarcus Ware has improved his game every season and is the teams defensive MVP and should have been the NFL MVP. If a mediocre QB like Eli Manning can get all that money, then Ware really deserves to get a new contract now.

And It’s Deep Too

As training camp begins, Jason Garrett has something to prove as the OC. T.O. is no longer there so, there are no excuses. Now the plays should be more focused on winning then feeding someone’s ego. But this isn’t about that old news. This is about what he has in the backfield. They may not be the famed Smash and Dash in Carolina or Tennessee, but it should be feared.

The Dallas backfield is the strongest it has been in years. Marion Barber as we all know is a wrecking ball. The great thing about him is that he isn’t that big and he has that ability to break tackle and the power to run over defenders. This year should be interesting  to see how he was injured and wasn’t 100% when he came back. It goes unsaid, he has something to prove.

Felix Jones, God I love this dude. My friend thinks he’s Emmitt 2.0. The speed of Felix is something to reckon with. Like Marion, he has something to prove after being injured for the season last year. It will be interest to see if he’s used in the passing game as well.

Tashard Choice was an unexpected surprise for us last year. He ran over and around the Steelers and Giants defense with no problem, the boy is awesome. But let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Barber and Jones getting hurt, what were the chances of us seeing him on the field like we did last year? With that said, are we going see him in action this year? In a few plays I’m sure, but will he be used in the offense or special teams? This has to be on Garrett’s mind. He has three running backs that can be used in almost anyway.

The other two backs are Keon Lattimore and Alonzo Coleman. Going off what we seen last year in the pre-season, it’s a shame these won’t get a lot of snaps, if any snaps. The backfield is deep, very deep and it should be a nightmare for any defense to deal with.

Let’s Go Cowboys!

Tashard Choice’s new career

OK, So I came across another video by the Cowboys own Tashard Choice. And I started to wonder what was going on.  I looked around and found the link below. Seems as though Choice is the teams funny man and loves to video tape things. I like it because the team seems close and having fun. Although I’m sure some in the media will see it as a negative. Take a look…

A Little Bit of Fun From the Cowboys

For those who have not seen this video it will make you laugh right along with the Boys. Glad to see they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Looks like some good chemistry to me in the locker room. Tashard Choice is filming while Marcus Spears and Jay Ratliff make fun of Leonard Davis.Notice also DeMarcus Ware in a few of the shots.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I was going to write this post about how formidable our rushing attack will be with our 3 headed monster in Jones, Barber, and Choice and it hit me. The classic hand game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS fits them perfectly.

Barber #24of course will be the rock. He is know for seeking out contact and punishing defenders. In Chicago while playing the Bears 2 seasons ago Barber absolutely destroyed Adam Archuleta, safety for the Bears. Who can forget him just slapping Asante Samuel in the head with a stiff arm going out of bounds against the Patriots… or the greatest 2-yard run ever when he ran through the entire Patriots team. Barber is a beast and in my mind has another nickname besides the “Barbarian”…….“The Rock”.

Felix Jones #28 will be the Paper, just gliding through the defense effortlessly, making them all look as if he is standing still. Jones got hurt about midway through last season but was showing his explosiveness and his desire to win along with his love of the star. Jones is so fast, last year in Dallas against Washington he got a toss play to the right and just ran up the entire sideline by the whole Redskins team on his way to a touchdown. Felix may not have all the highlights as Barber (YET) but trust me he will. Felix Jones is “Paper”.

Tashard Choice #23 was sort of accidentally discovered last season because of a foot injury to Barber and a hamstring injury to Jones. Choice ran excellent against the league’s best defenses Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the NY Giants. He had 88 yards in Pittsburgh as a starter, 90 yards starting against Baltimore, and coming off the bench against NY he earned 91 yards on only 9 attempts. Cutting defenses was Choice’s choice last year. He was a basically unknown and playing with a chip on his shoulder and with a passion and love of the game. Choice played in only 10 games, started only 3, and had 92 carries for a 5.1 rushing average, 472 yards and 2 touchdowns, now if that is not cutting your opposition to threads, what is?? Choice will be known as “Scissors”.

Now this is just something I am throwing out there. Let me know what you guys think of the nicknames.


Tashard Choice: The Peoples Choice

Tashard “Duece” Choice was born on November 20, 1984 in Thomasville,Georgia. Tashard attended Lovejoy Highschool where he wore #2, thats where he got his nickname “Duece”. Choice was a finalist for the Wendy’s High School Heisman and graduated in the top 20 of his class with a 3.9 gpa.

Tashard attended Georgia Tech where he earned Second Team All ACC and ESPN All Bowl Team honors in 2006 and ACC All Academic Team, First Team All ACC and Honorable Mention All America by Sports Illustrated 2007.Tashard Started his College football career in 2003 at Oklahoma where he redshirted his freshman year.

In 2004 Tashard served as a back up for true freshman Adrian Peterson. Peterson went on to be a Heisman Trophy finalist and Oklahoma found itself in the BCS title game once again. Tashard Choice only took 22 carries and gained 100 yards the entire year (all in two games). His best game at Oklahoma saw him garner 71 yards on 16 carries against Texas Tech. At the end of the season, his mother fell ill and Tashard Choice applied for a medical hardship to return home and play for Georgia Tech. His hardship was granted and he transferred to Tech by Spring 2005.

In 2005 Tashard arrived at Georgia Tech as a Sophomore and found himself behind P.J. Daniels on the depth chart, Daniels and Choice combined for over 150 all purpose yards per game and 11 touchdowns. Tashard Choice’s most notable appearance occurred in the upset of then #3 Miami Hurricanes. P. J. Daniels was injured in practice so Tashard Choice was announced the starter for the game. He carried the football 29 times for 84 yards and a touchdown. The victory guaranteed Tech a bowl appearance and solidified Tashard Choice’s role as a competent starter for the 2006 season.

In 2006 Tashard lead the Yellow Jacket rushing attack. becoming the first Yellow Jacket to rush for 1,000 yards since P.J. Daniels in 2003. Tashard Choice set several Tech records in 2006. He rushed for over 100 yards per game 9 times and had 7 straight 100 yard efforts, both Tech records. Tashard Choice accounted for 12 of Tech’s 42 offensive touchdowns. Tashard Choice along with All-American Calvin Johnson and senior quarterback Reggie Ball took Tech to the Atlantic Coast Conference Title Game as the Coastal Division Champions. Choice would also lead Tech to its tenth straight bowl game against West Virginia in the 2007 Gator Bowl. Choice sliced and diced his way through opponents in 2006 and is a preseason pick for several 2007 Heisman Trophy lists.

In 2007 Tashard lead the Yellow Jackets powerful ground game behind four returning starters on the offensive line and veteran fullback Mike Cox. As the reigning ACC Rushing Champion, Tashard Choice was looking to improve upon 2006’s 9 win season with new offensive coordinator John Bond featuring the single back formation. Tashard Choice currently had 1,310 yards rushing on 249 attempts and 10 touchdowns even with injuries to his hamstring and to his knee. Tashard Choice concluded his NCAA career on the “Smurf Turf” of Boise against the Fresno State Bulldogs in the Humanitarian Bowl. He was used in a limited role in Georgia Tech’s 40-28 defeat. Tashard Choice best statistical game was against the University of Miami, posting 204 yards rushing with a sore hamstring. he also recorded his first passing touchdown of his career to Taylor Bennett.

Tashard’s Pro Career started in 2008 when he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round of the NFL Draft made his first touchdown during the first 2008 pre-season game against San Diego. Choice made his first start agaist the Pittsburgh Steelers running for 88 yards against the then #1 rushing defense in the league. Tashard finished the season with 472 yards off of 92 attempts, He averaged 5.1 yards per carry and had two touchdowns. Tashard has plenty more seasons to contribute to the Dallas Cowboys like he did in his 3 game starting span with Marion Barber going down with a toe injury and Felix Jones being out all season and with the performances Tashard had he has grasped his role in the Dallas Cowboys offense for 2009.

Cowboys Extra Points: Show Ware the Money!

The NFL will be releasing the 2009 schedules Tuesday evening at 6pm central time. The program will air live on the NFL Network.

Rumors are spreading that Free Agent Julius Peppers could land in Dallas. There is no substantial evidence that this is even a possibility, but the idea is interesting.

Running backs Marion Barber and Felix Jones have both fully recovered from toe injuries. Jones promising rookie season was ended after six games when his injury occurred. Barber was limited in play last season after his injury, however it gave the Cowboys a chance to see Tashard Choice.

All three running backs are likely to be featured this upcoming season.

Defensive star DeMarcus Ware still awaits his big deal. The Cowboys have yet to sign Ware, who will be a free agent in 2010. The Steelers have signed James Harrison to a 6-year, $51.175 million deal while the Washington Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth to a 7-year, $100 million deal. The Cowboys should base Ware’s deal on those two monster deals.

Cowboys fans all believe Ware deserves to be highest paid player in the NFL, hey Jerry we are waiting…

No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by so-called experts have many of us feeling frustrated and insulted.

Opinions of how to reach the pinnacle of the NFL vary as much as the hundreds of mock drafts being put together by football minds all over the country.

I see debates on various sites about who’s to blame and what the answers are. T.O. should not have been released. Owens should have been released. Felix Jones should be the starter. Tashard Choice should be the starter. Marion Barber should be the starter. Romo’s not the answer. Romo is without a doubt the answer. Wade should be fired. Jerry should fire himself.

With the possibility of a Miles Austin exodus looming over our heads, I’m one very nervous Cowboys fan without any real answers.

Keep in mind these are just the surface issues. I could probably write a 5,000 word essay just dealing with the questions Cowboys fans have. With no real answers.

I’m compelled to believe we can all agree on one thing. The time for excuses is over.

No more riding on our laurels. No more talk about 13-3 or 13 Pro Bowlers. No more “But this team did this and that team did that”. Time to lay to rest 2007 and 2008. The only true way to move forward is to( as cliche as it may sound) put the past behind us and don’t look back. No more talk about 44-6.

The pressure on this team to succeed – from top to bottom – is more intense than at any time that I can remember. This season will answer many questions. It is a make-or-break year for this organization. The time is now for Mr. Jones, Mr Phillips, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Romo.

The time is now. No more excuses.

Marion Barber’s Future In Dallas

Ok at the end of 2007 I was a full out supporter for Marion being the starter, but at the end of 2008 I would just like him to be featured in the 2nd half again and on our 2nd and 3rd and shorts again.

Dont get me wrong I love Marion to death, it’s just that it takes him the whole first half to warm up and get to running like the beast he is. Which brings me to the question that has been plauging me since I had the oppurtunity to watch Felix Jones and Tashard Choice run. That question is “Will Marion Barber return to Dallas after 2009?”.

My personal opinion is that if Felix “The Cat” stays healthy this season and runs like he did at the start of 2008 and Tashard “The Peoples Choice” embraces his oppurtunities like I know he can then I dont think Marion will be in Dallas in 2010 because we can’t keep 3 good rb’s all 3 of them would be highly wanted in the league.

So for 2010 I believe our rb lineup will Felix Jones starting and Tashard Choice backing him up and Alonzo Coleman or some similar half-way decent rb at 3rd string.

This is probably my biggest thought I want to hear your opinions about so please comment and let me know how you feel on this situation.