What Will It Take To Get Over the Hurdle?

Let’s list a few names, shall we?

  • Barry Switzer (“We did it!  We did it!  We did it” … no Jimmy Johnson did it Barry!)
  • Chan Gailey
  • Dave Campo (as head coach)
  • Norv Turner (we let him go!)
  • Bill Parcells (also let him go!)
  • Terrell Owens (needed to go!)
  • Mike Vanderjagt (couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!)
  • Martín Gramática (don’t ask!)
  • Roy Williams (the receiver – sticker shock!)
  • Zach Thomas (is this where old men come to die?)
  • Pac-Man Jones (enough said!)
  • Ryan Leaf (I should be shot for mentioning his name!)
  • Vinny Testaverde (another Social Security player!)
  • Drew (my grandmother could move in the pocket better) Bledsoe
  • Sean Payton (only went on to win a Super Bowl with the Saints!  Under who’s mentoring?  Yes, Bill Parcells!)
  • Bobby Carpenter (how dare he wear number 54!)
  • etc., etc., etc., (yes, we could all go on!)

Two of the best coaches, we let go (Parcells and Payton).  Payton later went on to win a Super Bowl in New Orleans, while Jason Garrett relives his glorious payday and his Thanksgiving game against the Packers.  “Just throw it high to Harper,” he exclaimed after the game.

I am glad that we are not as piecemeal as we used to be!  Those years between ’96 and ’06 reminded us the die-hards that the Cowboys are an every two-decade team.

In this writer’s opinion, the team that takes the field in 2010 will be the best team since the ’92 – ’95 teams, IF, they can play as a team like the dynasty of the 90’s did!  We need one man to step up on offense (Romo, Austin, Barber?) and another to step up on defense (Ware, Newman, Ratliff, Brooking?)  It needs to be someone to keep this team [as] a team – the coach sure can’t do it!  Let’s see less of Jerry on the sidelines this year.

The time to win is now!  Start 88!  Draft him so high and then don’t start him?  Let Dez live up to that number!  The pieces are there, let’s just not hope for an end of season collapse that so many Dallas Cowboys fans have become accustomed to!

Next blog – Left side of the line, and secondary …

The Boys Are Back!

Felix JonesThe Thanksgiving Day game just reinforced my belief that the Dallas Cowboys are a TEAM, not a bunch of individual stars making amazing plays. They worked together and did it well!

The Cowboys I saw playing yesterday looked like a totally different team than the one I watched last weekend vs the Redskins. They showed why they’re called America’s Team. They played with heart and a desire to win which, to be honest, is something I haven’t seen much of this season. Tony Romo was distributing the ball well. Jones, Barber, Austin, Williams, and Witten all made some key plays. Choice had a huge run in the first quarter with the Razorback formation for 66 yards. The offense wasn’t making the silly mistakes like they did last week that cost them some needless penalties and despite the injuries, they were able to protect Romo well. Another key to this huge win was the fact that Romo didn’t throw any interceptions and there weren’t any turnovers….or more importantly, no points off turnovers. The Dallas offense just could not be stopped once they got started. I was amazed at all the 10+ yard plays! Even Witten, with his injured foot, had a 100+ yard game which he hasn’t done since last season.

The Cowboys have more than a week to rest up and get ready to take on the division rival New York Giants. As long as Romo’s back can hold up, Witten’s foot gets better, and their offensive line can keep it together, they shouldn’t have any problem picking apart the Giants like they did to the Raiders. The Giants have been rather weak on offense lately and the Dallas defense has been playing to win. Ratliff was so explosive and really impressed me. Of course, DeMarcus Ware is always a force to be reckoned with. Hell, for that matter, the entire defensive line is! I really could not find a single thing to complain about how they played yesterday.

The next 5 weeks are key in the hopes of the Cowboys making it to the playoffs. Sure, they’re the division leaders right now but they still need to get past the Giants, then San Diego, New Orleans, Washington, and Philadelphia. If Dallas can keep playing the type of football that they did on Thanksgiving, there should be no reason they can’t make it to the Superbowl. Yes, I said the Superbowl! They haven’t won a postseason game in years, and it’s about time they do! The Cowboys that played yesterday CAN make it to the playoffs and beyond.

New York Coming to Dallas



Two 2007 season games were announced and both happened to feature New York Teams. The first Sunday night game will be Giants vs. Cowboys in Dallas. It will be broadcast on NBC, Sunday night, Sept. 9 at 7:15pm. The Thanksgiving game will be Jets vs. the Cowboys in Dallas with a 3:15pm kickoff on CBS. Fans will get to see Cowboys running back Julius Jones against his brother, Jets running back Thomas Jones.

They say that New York City is so great they had to name it twice. I say their teams are so bad we’re gonna beat them twice!