Balancing It Out

Yes there was only 1 football on the field at a time, but from the way Dallas looked this week and the way Tony Romo spread the ball around it sure didn’t look like it. Dallas had Seattle confused from the very beginning on what their game plan was and that was to dominate.

Tony Romo went 21/36 for 256 yards and 3 touchdowns with NO interceptions. Miles Austin had 5 receptions for 61 yards rushed for 11 yards and had a touchdown. Sam Hurd had just one reception but it went for 35 yards and a touchdown. Roy Williams finally had his first touchdown as a Dallas Cowboy with 2 receptions for 19 yards. Patrick Crayton had 39 yards receiving and returned a punt for a touchdown for the second week in a row. Jason Witten, Felix Jones, Kevin Ogletree and Martellus Bennett all had receptions for over 100 total yards.

Marion “The Beast” Barber had only 14 rushing attempts but went for 53 yards and a touchdown. Felix Jones had 8 attempts and pounded out 39 yards. Tashard Choice got in on the action with 4 rushes for 11 yards. The offense went for a total of 26 first downs in the game, with 17 of those coming in the first half alone. 15 of those first downs by passing and 7 of them by rushing. Our third down efficiency was at 53% with a total of 362 net yards. Time of possession was an astounding 34:45

th_newman-1Keith Brooking continued to make his statement towards defensive player of the year with 8 tackles and forcing 1 sack. Demarcus Ware once again had a strong game with 2 tackles and a sack and Bobby Carpenter refused to be overlooked and got in with 3 tackles and a sack. Terence Newman and Bradie James both had good games each forcing a fumble that was recovered by Dallas. With a total of 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and only allowing 79 rushing yards by previous Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones, holding the Seattle offensive possession time to 25:15 and only 17 points, the defense made a statement once again.

You hear all this talk about what division is the toughest in the league. If you look at the numbers it is an easy decision to make. the NFC east is the only division in the league to have 3 teams with at least 5 wins on the season. With 5 out of the next 4 games being on the road you could make the argument that Dallas has the toughest schedule to finish out the season but with the way they are coming together on both offense and defense, bring on the competition.

Sunday night is going to be a true test for Dallas when we play Philly for first place in our division. After we win that game and silence all the critics we make our way north to Lambeau field for a battle against the Green Bay Packers before we come back home against our long time rivals (I cringe every time I even say their name) the STRUGGLING Washington Redskins.

Although we are looking very strong at home, we need to prove to not only ourselves but all the critics out there that we can win on the road. Once we win Sunday night and take over first place, then come home after winning in Green Bay with a 3 game winning streak, maybe, JUST MAYBE, everyone will see that this year DALLAS IS ON A MISSION!!!!!

LET’S GO BOYS!!!!!!!

Romo Spreads the Love As the Cowboys Win 38-17

Tony Romo and the Cowboys had an excellent outing at home against the Seahawks winning 38-17.

The defense and special teams looked outstanding and the offense used all of their weapons.

Touchdowns: Sam Hurd, Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton

Sacks: Keith Brooking, DeMarcus Ware, Bobby Carpenter

Patrick Crayton returned a punt for a touchdown for the second week in a row.

Outstanding play all around! How bout them Cowboys!

Weekly Game Balls: Week 7

How ’bout them Cowboys! Huge win for our boys in blue and silver last Sunday.This win might be a sign of things to come.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Miles Austin, again.

How can we deny another game ball to him two games in a row? Miles is proving why we got rid of T.O.

Austin has the game breaking speed and excellent route running that the Cowboys have been lacking for a while.

Austin finished the day with 171 yards on only six catches. He scored two touchdowns along the way. The speedster from little known Monmouth University has given the teams of the NFL a reason to take notice.

We should give Jerry Jones some credit for finding 2 diamonds in the rough. Miles and Tony.

Great work once again Miles!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to DeMarcus Ware.

The sack flood gates have opened!

The Cowboys sackmaster celebrated his new deal with two sacks and heavy quarterback pressure for the whole game.

Ware also had a forced fumble.

He is a leader on defense and deserved every penny Jerry paid for him.

DeMarcus also finished the day with 2 solo tackles. He is the cornerstone of the new improved defense.

All quarterbacks should be running for their football lives. DeMarcus is here to stay.


Congratulations to Austin and Ware for their great contribution to the victory.

Honorable Mention: Tony Romo, Mike Jenkins

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• Cincinnati’s CARSON PALMER threw five touchdowns, completing 20 of 24 passes for 233 yards in the Bengals’ 45 – 10 win over the Chicago Bears.

• San Diego’s PHILIP RIVERS completed 18 of 30 passes for 268 yards and three touchdowns in the Chargers’ 37 – 7 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

• Dallas’ TONY ROMO completed 21 of 29 passes for 311 yards and three touchdowns in the Cowboys’ 37 – 21 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

A closer look at the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week finalists:

• Cincinnati’s CEDRIC BENSON rushed 37 times for 189 yards and one touchdown in the Bengals’ 45 – 10 win over the Chicago Bears.

• Green Bay’s RYAN GRANT rushed for 148 yards and one touchdown, carrying the ball 27 times in the Packers’ 31 – 3 win over the Cleveland Browns.

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Back To The Future

I was sitting at my house earlier in the week watching ESPN Classic featuring the 1991 Cowboys vs Falcons. Although Troy Aikman was not in the game due to an injury, I saw Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin and “MOOSE” Johnston and the way they moved up and down the field and the way the defense took over and controlled every aspect of the game.


Sunday as I was sitting there watching the Cowboys DESTROY the Falcons on defense, I had to remind myself that I was not still watching that same game on ESPN Classic. This was the 2009 Cowboys playing a great game. We dominated on the line and got to the quarterback several times during the game. Yes, it was a rocky start giving them that first drive and touchdown, but when Phillips challenged the defense they stepped up and performed like we knew they could. It was all over but the crying for the Falcons at that point.

As for the offense, T. whO.??? Miles Austin is the name we are and SHOULD be talking about. Jerry Jones said himself, “He has the big play making abilities”. Well that has been proven 2 weeks in a row. Tony Romo is looking like he did last couple of years and seems to be having fun again. Yes once again they looked great, but that has happened before this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just as much of a die hard fan as all of us out there. Sitting next to my dad on the couch screaming together as the Cowboys scored. Or even better, when the Cowboys score you pick up your phone, call your dad and when he answers, you both just start screaming then hang up. NO WORDS NECESSARY!! Those are the great phone calls we all love to make. But just like Kelly said, we have to be truthful, and realize there are kinks that need to be worked out.

Penalties are obviously our biggest concern. One thing that needs to be brought to the field, locker room, practice field and everywhere else is discipline. Once that is established and they stop making all the mistakes, I really believe they will have a strong chance at making a very strong push this year. LETS GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

Week 7: Cowboys 37 – Falcons 21

Cowboys take win #4 against the Atlanta Falcons.

Tony Romo went 21 of 29 for 311 yards and three touchdowns.

Miles Austin had another career game recording 171 yards on 6 catches and two touchdowns.

Patrick Crayton had one touchdown on offense and one on special teams after returning a punt for 73 yards.

Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick both had interceptions and Demarcus Ware had two sacks.

Full recap to follow.

Going Back to His Roots

With every thing that Tony Romo has gone through in his short NFL career as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Today may have been the best thing to happen to him. No, he didn’t go back to Cabo, which is one of the things people hold against him along with not being able to win a big game in December and January.

Tony Romo went back to college today. Back to Eastern Illinois where he played quarterback from 2000-02. Romo was inducted into the Eastern Illinois Hall of Fame and had his number 17 jersey retired by the school. Romo is the first player in the schools history to have his number retired.

While playing quarterback for Eastern Illinois Romo was named Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year three times. He led the Panthers to three straight Football Championship Subdivision playoff appearances. Romo finished his college career with a school record 85 touchdown passes. He also threw for 8,212 yards.

“This is a humbling experience for me to say the least,” Romo told the crowd of a couple hundred. “It is definitely proud and meaningful to you but you never get their alone.”

“You don’t expect it,” he said. “It’s almost embarrassing that everybody wants to look at you and tell you that you did something good.”

“The time I had here was an unbelievable time in my life, helped shape me in a lot of ways to become the person that I am today,” Romo said.

“It was such an honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame here, and with the jersey ceremony, it holds a special place in your heart,” Romo said. “This is a very rewarding experience.”

Maybe this will do Tony Romo good. Maybe it’s just what the doctor ordered. Remembering his college days and all the success he had. Remembering that he was having fun and enjoying every moment.

The Cowboys have their bye this week. They are 3-2 in this young 2009 season. Hopefully as the Cowboys get ready for the Atlanta Falcons and the rest of their 2009 opponents Tony Romo will look back and remember his roots at Eastern Illinois University.

“I expect our team to continue to grow,” Romo said. “We’re improving as the year’s moving along. For us, it’s all about improvement and stacking some wins together. If we’re playing good football at the end of the year, we’ve got a chance to be where we want to be.”

Weekly Game Balls: Week 5

What a game. Should have not been as close as it was but a win is a win. We have seen some first and a record breaking day.

What a game! It should have not been as close as it was, but a win is a win. We witnessed some firsts and a record breaking day.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Miles Austin.

This speedy wide receiver had a record breaking day with 250 yards on 10 catches with 2 game saving touchdowns.

His first score almost won the game for the Cowboys, but the one in overtime counted for the “W”.

Austin just might have earned his starting spot. Miles is the game breaking threat the Cowboys need.

He also could have had a few more touchdowns on the day. But he couldn’t secure a couple of throws from Tony.

Great job Miles Austin.


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Keith Brooking.

Brooking is the solid linebacker that was needed to compliment the defense.

Brooking finished the game with 8 solo tackles and helped on 3 more. He also recorded a sack on Matt Cassel. He came flying from up the middle to take him down.

With all the pressure the Cowboys gave the Chiefs on Sunday, Keith also had 4 QB hits.

His leadership speaks for itself. You can find the veteran linebacker running up and down the sidelines when he’s not on the field. He gets this team pumped up! It feels like Brooking has been a Cowboy all of his life.

Keep up the great work Keith Brooking!


Congratulations to Austin and Brooking for their great contribution to the overtime win.

Honorable Mention: DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, Jay Ratliff

A Win Is A Win…Right?

Dallas Cowboys 26 – Kansas City Chiefs 20, in OVERTIME. Yes I did say overtime, a place Dallas really should of never been in this game. I will give credit to the Chiefs for their hard fought part of the game, they came to play. But the lack-luster performance of the Cowboys still has me very concerned for any legitimate run at the Super Bowl. This turned out to be a classic example of how the Dallas Cowboys now play their games, ugly. By the end I had handfuls of hair on the floor to pickup, and heard inappropriate words coming out of my mouth I didnt even know I knew (sorry kids). But they did get the win which in the big picture is the most important thing and we will take it.

However it does bring up the fact that they still have a lot of work to do, and there are changes that need to be made. If you look at just the stats of this game, 498 total yards (348 passing, 150 yards rushing) you would think this team was a model of efficiency. But 119 of those passing yards came on two receptions to Miles Austin, one being a 60 yard touchdown and the other being a 59 yard touchdown and both mainly because of the yards after the catch Austin was able to get after breaking tackles. Miles did a great job filling in for the ailing Roy Williams who didnt even make the trip to Kansas City. Tashard Choice taking the extra carries that would of gone to Felix Jones (knee) also did a nice job when called upon. Choice had 92 yards and a touchdown on only 8 carries.

One statistic that really gets under my skin, and seems to be a staple in every Cowboys game and season is the amount of penalties they have. 13 penalties for 90 yards, 13 for 90?! How can you expect to win with that many penalties and that many yards? If this game was against a team even slightly better than the Chiefs the Cowboys would of lost this game, that is unacceptable and shows a huge lack of discipline. As I continue to watch Dallas games I am starting to see a few things that add to my concern for this team.

Wade Phillips is one of the concerns. I have no ill will towards Wade Phillips, seems like a nice guy, probably easy to get a long with, but he may be too nice. He doesn’t seem like the Head Coach type. Obviously I dont know him, I am not at team meetings or practices but I get the feeling he doesn’t know how to yell, or especially motivate. It seems that his personality actually carries over to the team which could be hurting them. Eventually owner Jerry Jones will make a change at Head Coach for his team, not sure when but it will happen, it has to. Another observation I really noticed in this game was lack of composure in Tony Romo. He seems to over throw, or throw behind players at even the slightest feeling of pressure. He is a quarterback and needs to be able to throw accurately while under pressure and then take a hit.

Like I said earlier, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of work still to do. The good thing is the season is still young, and there is plenty of time to make the changes necessary to become a dominate team. But it seems to me that these issues are the same issues we have been talking about for the past few seasons with no better results. Stop the penalties, Romo stand and deliver, Wade Phillips grow a back bone and motivate or move on, and I think the rest will fall into place. We have a bye week next week so lets get healthy, then we come back and take it to the Atlanta Falcons in Dallas. This will be a good test for the Boys to see how far they have come, lets get another win, and this time make it an unquestionable one.

There’s Something About Tony

Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News, had some eye-opening statistics regarding Tony Romo’s pass completion percentages to his wide receivers thus far this season.

The problem isn’t necessarily that the Cowboys’ receivers don’t have that many catches or yards after four games, he says…

It’s that Tony Romo struggles to complete passes to them.

  • He’s completed only 11 of 25 passes to Roy Williams (44%)
  • He’s completed only 11 of 24 passes to Patrick Crayton (45.8%)
  • He’s completed only 5 of 12 passes to Miles Austin (41.6%)

Here’s a look at how many passes the NFL’s 10 highest-rated passers are completing to their top three receivers:

1. Peyton Manning 48 of 76 = 63.1%

2. Drew Brees 35 of 57 = 61.4%

3. Brett Favre 44 of 69 = 63.7%

4. Eli Manning 55 of 83 = 66.2%

5. Aaron Rodgers 36 of 64 = 56.2%

6. Matt Ryan 35 of 51 = 68.6%

7. Matt Schaub 28 of 51 = 54.9%

8. Ben Roethlisberger 46 of 70 = 65.7%

9. Kyle Orton 35 of 67 = 52.2%

10. Joe Flacco 49 of 82 = 59.7%

There is a certain crispness to his passes that seems to be lacking this season. Whether it’s a performance decline or just a lack of focus is hard to say at this point, but clearly there is a big disconnect between Romo and his receivers.

You wonder if those percentages would be any better if Matt Ryan or Drew Brees had made those passes to Williams, Crayton and Austin?

Or if the top ten quarterback’s percentages would be lower if they were throwing the ball to our receivers instead of theirs?

Either way, it certainly illustrates that there is a major problem with the passing game, especially passes of 15 yards are longer.

The lack of a deep passing game has caused the team to struggle on third and long, which caused the defense to run out of gas last week in Denver. This problem must be corrected ASAP because if you can’t move the ball down field, than even a poor team like the Kansas City Chiefs have an excellent opportunity of pulling out an upset win against the Cowboys this Sunday.

The Cowboys have been heavily exploited in their two losses. The word is out in the NFL, and cornerbacks everywhere are licking their chops and waiting for their chance to get a piece of Tony Romo, much like Bronco’s cornerback Champ Bailey did last week.

Let’s hope that Jason Garrett has recognized the problem and implemented a fix that will keep opposing secondaries at bay, and resurrect a dead deep-passing game.

Set Him Free

Tony RomoI have watched Romo from the second he took the field in the the 3rd quarter at Texas Stadium against the NY Giants in 2006, and I have seen a remarkable playmaker ever since. I have also seen somebody that may be influenced a bit.

Our quarterback Tony Romo is no longer our quarterback Tony Romo, he is a shell of what he once was. Yes, he will make mistakes but at the same time he will win more football games than he will lose for us.

To all of you who do not know,  Romo is 29-14 as a starter and has a QB rating in the 90’s. I am no expert but I think that is pretty good. Let our playmaker be a playmaker. Romo is not a game manager and this is the result we get when we turn him into a game manager. That’s like telling Mike Vick do not run, or McNabb do not scamble, or better yet telling Peyton Manning he needs to scramble more. It’s just not his game and probably never will be. Being a game manager is not what Romo is, not what he is built for. He is built to take chances. With a short term memory he already has won more than he has lost and at the end of the day that is what we want, right?

Our Dallas Cowboys will have a much much better chance at winning games that matter most when we have that gunslinger under center or in the shotgun. I say we rally around our guy and support him because the more we doubt him, the more cautious he becomes. And the more cautious he is, the more we lose heartbreakers like the one last week in Denver.

We have a smashmouth physical running game. If we can get the passing attack going, we will be extremely dangerous in December and January.

We all saw the play last Sunday. All afternoon we witnessed Romo, the pocket QB, getting hit almost every time he dropped back. Then, with the game on the line 4th and 3, he turned into Super Romo and used he God given talent and made a play that kept the game alive. That is the Tony Romo we need.

John Kitna is not the answer, and Stephen McGee definitely is not the answer at QB for us. Everyone did the same thing last year, complained about Romo and called for Brad Johnson. Then Romo got hurt and Brad came in and we got destroyed in St. Louis. After that, in the middle of the Giants game in New York you all called for Brooks Bollinger. Look at how all those executive decisions turned out.

Be grateful we have a young undrafted free agent at QB. Sure he will make mistakes. Duh! That’s why he was never drafted. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. I am sure the Rams or Browns, or Bills, would love our dissapointment of a QB.

So, come on guys sit back and enjoy being a Cowboys fan. You should feel honored to represent the STAR. GO COWBOYS!

A Mile High Dissapointment

With absolutely no playmakers stepping up, our team losses once again. This time at the hands of the Denver Broncos. Felix Jones, probably our biggest threat to make a big play, was sidelined. Our team could not generate any consistent offense at all in Denver last Sunday afternoon.

I am a huge Tony Romo supporter just for the simple fact that I remember the years in between him and Aikman, not to mention the Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger games from last season. But seriously, what the heck is going on here? Our offense is horrible. Outside of the running game, its pathetic. We could not get anything downfield against the very good Denver secondary.

For those who blame Romo for the loss, he did what he did best after the Brandon Marshall catch, he led Dallas down the field on a few very good plays.

One question I do have is, if we have the best tight end in the league in Jason Witten, why did we not at least attempt to get him the ball on the goal line, since we could not run it?

Also, why in the heck would you try and get it to Sam Hurd instead of Patrick Crayton? Especially when Hurd is being covered by arguably the best man-to-man cover corner in the game.

This game made absolutely no sense to me and today I was truly mad at the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes we will probably go to Kansas City next week and win in Arrowhead Stadium, but honestly this is not a Super Bowl team. I am highly frustrated with the Cowboys. I am really thinking they might just need to blow the entire coaching staff up, and get new schemes.

Our offense is predictable and simple. We have a lack of playmakers at the reciever spot. None of them can get open in man-to-man coverage, ironically the exact situation that Romo is best in.

Our O-line which is supposed to be very good is doing great on run blocking, but Romo needs more time. Romo must read and react to the blitzes faster.

The remaining schedule, not in any particular order, includes vs. Atlanta, vs. San Diego, @ New Orleans, @ NY Giants, Philly and Washington (twice still). If we do not buckle down and get with it, we will miss the playoffs again and it will be with a worse record than 9-7. I can guarantee that.