NFL Networks Top 10 Title Game TD’s

I was watching the Top 10 Title Game Touchdowns on the NFL Network and it got me thinking about some that they left out. Some are famous, some just because I love the Cowboys. It’s hard to make a top 10 list, so I will list what the NFL Network had and than I will list 10 that I thought of.

NFL Network

10. Super Bowl I. Max McGee’s one-handed 37 yard TD catch which was the first ever TD in a Super Bowl.

9. Super Bowl XI. Willie Brown’s 75 yard interception return for a TD.

8. Super Bowl XLII. Plaxico Burress’ 13 yard game winning TD catch.

7. 1967 Title Game. Bart Starr’s 1 yard TD run in the Ice Bowl.

6. Super Bowl XLIII. James Harrison’s 100 yard interception return for a TD.

5. Super Bowl XVII. John Riggins 43 yard TD run.

4. Super Bowl XVIII. Marcus Allen’s 75 yard TD run.

3. 1958 NFL Championship. Alan Ameche’s overtime TD run.

2. Super Bowl XXIII. John Taylor’s 10 yard TD catch.

1. Super Bowl XLIII. Santonio Holmes 6 yard game winning TD catch.

Some very good selections, but in my opinion they left some important ones out. Which is why it’s so hard to rank them. Here are 10 more that I thought of in no particular order.

1. Super Bowl IV.  The Chiefs Mike Garrett runs the famous 65 Toss Power Trap and scores on a 5 yard TD run.

2. Super Bowl VII. The Redskins Mike Bass scores on a 49 fumble return on the famous Garo Yepremian FG block.

3. Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys Butch Johnson reaches out for a Roger Staubach pass and scores on a 45 yard TD catch.

4. Super Bowl XIII. The Steelers John Stallworth runs through the Dallas defense and scores on a 75 yard TD catch.

5. Super Bowl XIV. The Steelers John Stallworth splits two defenders and scores on a 73 yard TD catch.

6. Super Bowl XVIII. The Raiders Jack Squirek reads Joe Theismann and scores on a 5 yard interception return.

7. Super Bowl XXVIII. The Cowboys Emmitt Smith eludes a tackle in the backfield and scores on a 15 yard TD run.

8. Super Bowl XXVIII. The Cowboys James Washington picks up a fumble and works his way to a 46 yard TD.

9. Super Bowl XIII. The Cowboys Mike Hegman steals the ball from Terry Bradshaw and scores on a 37 yard fumble return.

10. Super Bowl XLIII. The Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald splits the defense and scores on a 64 yard TD catch.

How did I do? Did I forget any? I would love to hear every one’s thoughts.