Finally It All Comes Together

For the first time all season everything came together for the Dallas Cowboys. On Sunday playing against the Atlanta Falcons the Cowboys played a complete game.

Yes, a complete game. The offense was clicking. Romo threw for over 300 yards and went 21 of 29. Miles Austin showed up again with over 100 yards and two touchdowns. The defense came through with four sacks and two turnovers, and the special teams was outstanding. Patrick Crayton ran back a punt for 77 yards and a touchdown and he caught a touchdown as well.

We still had eight penalties in the game, but other than that all phases of the game were clicking. Although we did not have a 100 yard rusher, all backs combined for over a 100 yards.

The Cowboys finally showed us what they are capable of and boy was it nice. I was so happy to see them play so well against a good team. I guess the bye week was good to us and the Cowboys.

With the Giants losing on Sunday, winning this game was huge. Not only did we gain some ground on the Giants, but we beat a team that we may be fighting with down the road to get into the playoffs. This one was really nice! Now bring on the Seahawks we are ready to win another one! GO COWBOYS!

Falcons Cowboys

Not Exactly What We All Expected…

As my heart heals and we as die hard Cowboy fans lick our wounds, I am going to try and give you my view of the game.  I am not going to throw stats at you like I should  as a author.  Today I am writing this as a FAN ! So don’t read this looking for writing mistakes etc. this is from the heart.

Let’s start with the Stadium and the party…  WOW!

That was all I could say last night.  Jerry and his family took our past and intertwined it  with the present and our future and made it work! I was proud of Cowboy Stadium and all that it stands for and I always will be.

Oh boy, Let’s get to the game.  I have been reading how bad our defense was. That is not what I saw. What I saw was our defense standing strong for 3 Quarters. They stopped the run, and the young secondary made some great plays. When you look at the stats you can be fooled if you didn’t watch the game. I saw players that where worn down in the 4th quarter. Ok, yes they should be able to play all 4 quarters I know, but they have alot of young players. The heat didn’t help and time on the field with the turnovers wore them out. I hear the comments I am going to get, but this is how I feel.  I wish they would of made some sacks and had some take aways, but overall I think they played hard.

Special Teams was better than last year, but no big plays.

Let’s get to the offense. I thought the line played great. They protected Romo and made holes for Barber, Felix Jones and Choice. I mean major holes that I could of ran through. The backs overall played well. I was impressed with TE Bennett and Witten as always. Roy Williams and Crayton got open most of the game. Miles Austin made plays.

Now to Romo, I really don’t know what to say, but WHAT THE ?!  Ok, it might of been nerves. He had the pressure of the world on his shoulders and he had a bad game. He didn’t pick up the Giants defensive changes when he should of and he threw behind on so many plays, but he did put points on the board.

Obviously, when you turn the ball over four times you are going to lose. The Cowboys almost overcame all the crazy turnovers. I thought Garrett’s play calls where right on overall. I did feel he should of been with Romo after the bad plays and he may of been, but on television all they kept showing was Tony sitting alone, no coaches no one to help him through it. That I don’t understand. I will stand behind Tony 100%, he is our quarterback and I will defend him against all the Cowboy Haters out there, but here at LSS we are die hard fans and I have to admit to you that I am worried.

I hope the team stands behind him and gets him through this week of bad press.  They all have to look forward to the Monday Night Game against the Panthers.

So there’s my view of the game… you can all go ahead and let me have it…

Whether you agree or disagree, leave me your thoughts and tell us what you think went right or wrong.

Protect That Ball!

One thing the Cowboys and Tony Romo are concentrating on in training camp this season is cutting down on his turnovers, especially his fumbles. Romo’s case of Slippery Pigskin syndrome last year made any fan cringe at the sight of him carelessly running around the pocket with the ball unprotected in one hand trying to make a play. Don’t get me wrong we love the heart and effort, but he has to recognize when to eat the ball or throw it away.

So now if he can take what he is working on in camp into games he should be able to cut down on the 21 total turnovers he had last season, 14 being interceptions, 7 LOST fumbles and another 6 that were recovered by Cowboys.

It really hurt Dallas last year in the last game of the season against the Eagles with the winner heading to the playoffs. Romo fumbled twice in that very important painful game, and one of them was returned for a 73 yard touchdown.

Of course he did have a broken Pinkie finger part of last season that may have attributed to some of the fumbles but prior to that he had already lost 3 in the six games before his injury. The seven lost fumbles last season was more than he had as a starter in his first season and a half so I am willing to put most of the blame on that little broken digit.

The Associated Press reported on Sporting News that “early in off season workouts, Romo started talking about cutting down on risky throws and being quicker to take a sack or throw the ball away. He also said he was serious about getting a better grip on the ball while scrambling”.

This became evident on one play in practice when “surrounded in the pocket on one play, he pulled the ball in tight until just before throwing a completion. Romo did the same thing while rolling out to his right near the goal line a few snaps later, instead of holding the ball away from his body with one hand while running like he so often has done in the past”.

Head coach Wade Phillips is pleased on how his quarterback is progressing with this, as well as how he is maturing as a player.

“He’s a natural. He sees so many things and he has such a quick release, and he’s so accurate,” Phillips said. “He just makes fantastic plays. We see it every day on tape. … He makes a throw that you say, `Wow, what a play.’ That’s what the great ones do.”

Its a long season, but lets see how he does this Friday night against Tennessee in the Cowboys new stadium. We should see him play a few more series than he did in the Raider game, which will help him get ready for the games that count.

Something is missing in Big D

The most unlikely way to finish a game may have altered the course of the whole season.  Overdramatic?  Maybe.  True…probably.  The difference between 5-1 and 4-2 may only be just one game but in the big picture this loss feels worse than just one game.  To come all the way back and have the game end on a blocked punt of all things just feels worse.  A BLOCKED PUNT!  While one loss in and of itself is not a big deal the psyche of the team is concerning.  No longer dominant at home going into this game the Boys have played much better on the road.  But now with all of the NFC East road games still to play and Pittsburgh, all of a sudden just getting into the playoffs is no longer a given. 

It was the same time last year that a dramatic win in Buffalo, in roughly the same cercumstances, had Cowboy fans thinking big..real big.  But now, just one year later, this loss could be a sign of things to come.  Again, without being overdramtic they are still 4-2 and with games against the Rams and home vs Tampa in two weeks we could be 6-2 heading into a showdown with the Giants.  But the bigger picture remains that this current edition has weaknesses, lots of them, that we supposedly corrected and are not:

  • The offensive line, the same O-line that got abused by the Giants last year, got Romo beat up again yesterday.  Also, for a 3rd straight game could not open many holes for MB3. 
  • The secondary, supposedly bolstered by M Jenkins & A Jones, could not stop K Warner in the 2nd half. 
  • Romo.  When does he stop getting his a pass for his play?  For a guy that has never won a playoff game he sure does get plenty of leeway.  Should have at least 3 more turnovers yesterday.  I know you are going say that I am crazy and to look at his stats.  Thats fine.  The numbers are there & when he is hot he is very good.  All valid and I do agree.  But Eli Manning took that next step.  B Rothersberger has as well. P Rivers also.  Maybe he needs a playoff win to do so.  But the more I see Romo with his head down moping off the field instead of the fun loving, playful, winning QB the more I see the Cowboys season ending in the same heartbreaking fashion as it did yesterday …and last year.