We get asked a bunch of questions, frequently. Here are some and the answers to them.

Can I share your stuff?

Yes. You can share any and all artwork, pages, and articles as long as you link back to us and not modify the graphics in any way.

I really like your graphic and I want to make it my profile pic, cover photo, etc. Can I do that?

Yes. Just make sure you don’t modify our artwork in a way that cuts our name out or obscures it in any way.

I like your stuff, can i remove your name?

No, but you are welcome to share it in its unaltered form.

Can you make something custom?

Sure, just ask nicely on our contact page.  It’s up to Kelly whether she honors the request or not and she’s not obligated to do so.

Can you make me a website?

Yes. Please contact Sublime Geek.

Are you Dallas Cowboys? Do you work for Dallas Cowboys?

No and No. We are an unofficial fan site which loves the Dallas Cowboys profusely and love making artwork; however, we are in no way affiliated with them.