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As Coach Garrett would say, “It’s been a helluva year.”  There can’t be more truth to this.  Kelly and I took our son this past summer to Disney World.  It was an amazing trip.  Then, in October, we went to Las Vegas and made it official:  Kelly and I got married.

Went to Disney World, Went to Las Vegas, Got Married…You know, the usual.

This year wasn’t just great for those things, I mean, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS, right?!  We’re going into the playoffs.  Records are being broken.  We really have a new set of triplets.

rdPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

New Triplets

It really has been a banner year for our Boys and Lone Star Struck as well.  We’ve kept up with our Facebook fans (which really has been the meat and potatoes) of all that Lone Star Struck is the most; however, with many of the writers that used to blog for us no longer with us, the website hasn’t really been high in our priorities.  As a result, it was neglected, for the most part.

With the Cowboys surprising everyone (even the haters, though they hate to admit it), it inspired us to take a second look at  We wanted to give it a new look and a new purpose.

Haters gonna hate…

We wanted to make the site more design-centric and put Kelly’s artwork in the forefront, while still giving a nod to Lone Star Struck’s yesteryear and featuring the writings of all of the people that have etched their thoughts into our history.

This is why, on the homepage, you’re greeted with a wall of art.  Keep scrolling and you will find a countdown to the next game, tidbits of new stuff from the gallery, and a section to read new articles when we blog.  The homepage will change periodically, so make sure you check back.

From the technical standpoint, our website is fully responsive and looks good on all screen sizes.  You can easily share fresh LSS graphics on the go from your phone or tablet.

We won’t tell anyone if you are browsing LSS at work.

We’ve also switched to new hosting.  Lone Star Struck should be snappier.

Lone Star Struck looks good on all devices

While our new look is design-centric, we don’t want to leave the blog behind.  We are looking for more writers to share their thoughts about the Dallas Cowboys.

If you’re interested in writing for us, you should check out the link below.Write for LSS

No doubt, it’s been a helluva year.  We’re hitting the ground running into the New Year and 2015 will be just as awesome.  We hope you will be a part of it with us.

Have a Happy New Year!  Be safe!

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